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05 October 2012

A Shooting In My Old Home Town

Here's the link. I'm of two minds on this.

First, this happened in the city where Lu and I lived for almost 30 years (and still own a house there) and it concerns me that the violence there has reached this point. Of course at one time Salinas was one of the murder capitals of the country due to gangs and the drug trade.

Second, nice job by the 'Good Samaritan". Note the language in the article by the local cops.

Salinas police Cmdr. Dave Crabill said even though the 36-year-old killed a teenager, everything he did was legal.
"He is a person that has the legal right to carry a firearm and he did everything that he was supposed to. He possessed it and transported it in a legal fashion," Crabill said.

Full disclosure here. I've known Dave Crabill for many, many years. He's one of the good guys. The Salinas PD has their fair share of slugs and Hysterical Incompetents but overall they're doing good work in very difficult circumstances. Their response times to past tense crimes runs to hours (or even days in some cases) but that's mostly a result of their staffing and heavy calls for service.

And the locals.
"The perpetrators picked the wrong time and of course the wrong business to hit up," said Salinas resident Arex Antonio, who often eats at Saltillo Tortilleria.
"It's just unfortunate for everyone. But in the end, they got what they deserved," Antonio said.

The area where the shooting happened is predominately Hispanic and heavily gang infested. It seems the residents may finally be tired of coddling the murderous scum and are taking their duties as citizens seriously. One can only hope.

All in all a positive for the forces of light and good. And in California of all places.

And for all those of a liberal bent who occasionally read my rantings the answer is Yes. I am perfectly fine with a 17 year old being shot to death while in the act of robbing innocent folks with a gun while they are simply enjoying a meal after a hard days work. If more Americans were 'allowed' to carry guns we'd have a lot less teenage criminals being ventilated while in the midst of committing violent felonies. More guns in the hands of the citizenry means less crime and fewer people killed. Both criminal and lawful. Got that?



Dan said...

I find it unusual that the "good samaritan" actually had the firearm in his vehicle stored in a legal fashion. CCW permits in Kali are rare as hens teeth unless you are politically connected or "privileged" in some fashion.
To legally cary a firearm in your vehicle in Kali it must be unloaded, secured and inaccessible from the drivers area....i.e. locked in the trunk in a locked container unloaded....and for semoautos the mags can't be loaded and with the gun or it's considered loaded even if the mag is not in the gun.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

A deadly threat is a deadly threat... regardless of age...

Dann in Ohio