'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

18 October 2012


You know how after a good rain the ground worms come out onto the sidewalk, apparently just to die and muck things up? That's dog crack to Angus. He snorfs them up like an Oxycontin addict at a Pfizer free give away.

I think Black Beauty is sold. The guy came by and took her for a test drive. He gave Lu a good faith payment and promised the rest by Monday. I hate to see her go but I just do not have the time to put into her. The remodel will totally take all my work time for at least the next year. With the Beemer and Big Bandido both in the garage one of the toys had to go. Sigh.

If that dog were black this would so totally be Angus. That boy is a menace, Dennis style. No sock is safe within his domain.

Game four of the NLCS is tonight. The Giants finally won a home game and the bats seem to be waking up so I have cautious hopes. Hopefully Scutaro can play. Holliday is such a scab.

Finished another section of fence. I only have three more to go. I may do another this week (Update: started). Pictures later.

Car Guy bought a new truck after someone backed into his and creamed the drivers door. It was actually pinned shut necessitating he enter and exit through the passenger side. He had to drive all the way from New Mexico to California that way. He stopped by here on his way and dropped off the roof stuff so we got to visit for an evening. Next Spring for the new roof. Thanks CG.

Watched all the debates so far but it's the polls I find interesting. As predicted the closer we get to the election the closer the race gets with Romney taking the overall lead as well as in most of the swing states.

Took the BMW out today and is she ever sweet. Eats up the miles like a cruise missile. Oil filters and batteries notwithstanding.

Got starkly reminded of the differences between Labs and German Shepherd Dogs the other day while working on the fence. One came by for an unexpected visit. Angus was all "Hi! I'm Angus! Do you want to play?! Ah, come on!" while I was a bit more circumspect. He was just a big, solid dog with that "I could so totally kill you if I wanted to" vibe. He wasn't unfriendly but GSDs are just naturally so much more intimidating than my clown dog. I got him to let me pet him lightly but that was it and I wasn't about to push the issue. He wandered off before I could get a phone number for his owner but seemed to know the neighborhood so I didn't insist. I may have to stash a shotgun in the garage.

Sarge is fighting back issues and is in a lot of pain. Keep a good thought out for him if you would.

We decided not to put the California house on the market. It seems to be coming back and house prices are rising but the problem is appraisals are lagging behind. The realtor Lu talked to recommended we wait til next year to give them a chance to match the actual offers. Houses in our neighborhood are actually selling for less than the offer just because they can't get an appraisal that will allow the lender to fund the full value of the home. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

The kids are ready for Halloween (my favorite holiday). The DO says they have their costumes all picked out and are ready for Trick-Or-Treats. Our house is all decorated but I have a bad feeling that Angus is going to be a handful. He barks at the wind for Ghu's sake. Stupid dog.

WD40 can clean anything. And I do mean anything. Including roofing tar. Don't ask me how it all got there, it just did Ok? I think it was the Tar Gnomes.

And now you're up to date with all the latest Six household happenings. Aren't you happy now? Am I not a great sharer? Don't you wish you were me? No? I don't blame you. I wish I was Murphy's Law myself. He's really James Bond in disguise you know. Oh crap, I just outed 007!



Keads said...

Sorry to hear about Black Beauty, but sometimes there is not enough time and or money to do everything.

Yeah, I want to be Murphy s Law too. He has ALL the cool toys!

The DO said...

The Girls costume is just about done. She's going to be a witch, but not an ugly witch thank-you-very-much! She found a purple taffeta dress (With a buckle!) that was very high brow witchy, and a purple witches hat. She's all set. Oh, and she has a bright (BRIGHT) pink pumpkin for candy. The Boy... Well... He's going to be a Jedi and Mom is making all the stuff. He has a lightsaber (oh the boy rapture!) and I've been reminded SEVERAL times by both ankle biters that I'll I've done is make him pants. All I can say is that pants ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! I mean, really. That and clean underwear, any mom will tell ya. So, yeah, I'll post pics as we get it all done!

agirlandhergun said...

I love Halloween. I used to not. Not because of guns and scary stuff, but just didn't. The past few years we have really got in to it. My porch is full of cob webs and other spoken treats.

Six said...

Yep, she has to go but when I see her drive off it will be a sad day Kelly.

Halloween is a kid centric holiday sweetie. I'm guessing they look Fabulous!

It's long been my favorite Girl. Hey, CANDY!!

Anonymous said...

Life sound good up there Six. We are into spring down here as you move into autumn. Nice time of year the both.