'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

04 October 2012

The Baseball Playoffs Are Here!

Congratulations to my Giants who clinched almost a week ago. They'll be taking on the Reds starting Saturday. It's should be a great series, though I hope Alemaster will forgive me for saying Giants in 4. The G-Men are actually a bit better team than they were in 2010 when they won it all. They hit better, the starting rotation is solid and the bullpen is deeper even without a designated reliever. I think Posey is the NL MVP.

Hey Ed, remember busting my chops over the Melki Cabrera fiasco? Can you say Athletics? Heh heh.

The Washington Nationals won the NL East. A sign of changes in that town?

Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown, the first to do so since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

The Braves and Cardinals will play a one game wild card game on Friday. I'm pulling for the Cardinals. That Braves team is good.

Some stuff happened in the AL. I guess. Not that it's important. The next World Series champion will be coming from the NL. I do know the Red Sox tanked. Again. Who the hell thought hiring Bobby Valentine as manager was a great idea?

It's a long season but the playoffs are finally here and my Giants are in the thick of it. I am a happy man.



Anonymous said...

Six, I've got a bottle of Woodford Reserve in my Army Aviation bar that says the Reds take the Reds/SF series. You in? It will be fun regardless. regards, Alemaster

Ed Rasimus said...

Somewhere sun is shining and somewhere children shout, but there is no joy in Arlington, mighty Josh Hamilton has struck out..and errored in center and pitching collapsed and now it's dependent upon a cockamamie single game play-off.

Lead the division for an entire season and then collapse? Washington, you got a lotta 'splainin' to do!

Six said...

I'm in Alemaster but I'm going to need some advice on what to put up. I am somewhat uncivilized when it comes to liquid consumables. You or Ed have a suggestion for me?

13 games up in June Ed. Yeah, someone needs to be tuned up. Though I do feel for ya :)

The DO said...

Jeremiah Weed!!! Hehe:)

Anonymous said...

Whatever you send when the Reds win will be too sweet Six. (As long as it's not any of that Tennessee whiskey swill.) Game on. I'll be taking the Lear to Dallas the first part of next month, may be able to share some of my winnings with Ed. regards, Alemaster

Ed Rasimus said...

Jeremiah Weed is a kid's game that the younger generation thinks is tradition. Real tactical aviators avoid the stuff except as Zippo fuel.

If we're going one-up against Woodford Reserve, I'd suggest a nice single-malt whisky (That's scotch for the Army folks here.) Glenmorangie is one of my favorites, but McCallan 12-year old would be a good choice as well.

The DO said...

Yes, Ed, that's the point! It was the grossest stuff the Aircrew could find, so they took it everywhere with them. I saw professional drunks sober up after drinking Weed:) Maybe my professional aviators were slightly more frat-boy then you were!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Six, Ed's feeling feisty today. Here I thought of him as a Jack Daniels, cigar, and crud type. Next thing you know he'll be ordering a little paper parasol in his drink. Guess I'll share my winnings with him anyway 'cause the Reds will win. regards, Alemaster

Six said...

We Army types are far more discerning and cultivated than those Air Force barbarians Alemaster.