'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

10 March 2012

Please Carry

The anti 2A folks must be proud of themselves today after watching this video. I mean it's much better that she didn't have the means to defend herself against a violent thug rather than being safe. Better to let him have what he wants rather than shoot and possibly kill him. Right? Except that what he wanted was her and she's now missing after being beaten and thrown into his car.

If you're a member of the disarmament crowd this is indeed your fault. Yours. Step up and take credit.

From the story;
In this surveillance video, the man police are seeking is seen knocking down a woman who had just exited a LIRR train. The two then exchanged words inside a shop before he forced her to leave the store. Once outside, he again knocked her down and dragged her off camera. According to witnesses, after the video ends, the man placed the victim over his shoulder and threw her in the back seat of a nearby car against her will. The suspect then drove away in the direction of the Long Island Expressway.

Please carry. If all you have is a .22 then that's all you have but please carry it and use it if you must. That woman's life is important as is yours and all the panty wadding and hand wringing by those who wish to control all aspects of our lives and put us in the hands of the violent and deranged is just a cover for an ongoing war on freedom. Don't fall for it. The casual person on the street cannot be counted on to preserve your life in a crisis. It does happen but all too often they'll pass by without a thought to intervene. You are the final arbiter of your fate and don't ever forget it.

A prayer goes out to that woman. May she be found alive and may her attacker pay the penalty. Preferably terminally.



Keads said...

Powerful words my friend and so true!

Six said...

How many people have or will you save with the work you do? We may never know but you can bet it's a non trivial number. How I wish she'd had a chance to take a class from you. Then we'd be talking about a completely different outcome. It's infuriating and indefensible and yet this is the what the antis want. It has to be or they wouldn't be trying to disarm us all. It gives me a serious case of the ass and brings back so many bad memories. I've seen the outcomes of these crimes. They still haunt my dreams.

Keads said...

Six, I don't see them as I am sure you have. The walking wounded that do show up tear my heart out.

I do not understand why anyone wants to take away my right to go home at the end of the day as opposed to someone drawing a chalk outline of me in a ditch somewhere.

I'm back on point next weekend for this. I will not stop. Thanks for the encouragement. This usually leaves me tired, horse, and emotionally drained. I normally take the next day off from the "day job".

instinct said...

I had to live with those types for many years, Keads, and I can tell you why they want all of us disarmed.

They don't trust themselves to handle a situation correctly when it involves defending themselves and so assume that no one else will either. They project their thoughts, feelings and experiences on everyone else and assume we must feel and act exactly the same way they act while totally ignoring the fact that we don't.

The part of the story to me that make it even worse is that there were witnesses who did nothing.

Six said...

Amen Instinct and a huge thanks to both of you.

LauraB said...

I watched this and it seemed to me:
whack one - she knew him, been whacked before, but figured hell - she had business to attend to and already knew he was a bastard.

He departs briefly to get a gun from the car - the way he holds his jacket when returning to frame is obvious.

Instead of finding a really safe place she goes to a place where the people HIDE BEHIND BULLETPROOF GLASS - this astounds me.

When he finally has her cornered, she doesn't start wailing and screaming and throwing anything she has in reach at him. No, she debates then tries to do her business.

And, finally, shen he has her, she still clings to her coat with one arm instead of fighting with it, too.

No, this was an old fight returned and she didn't seem to consider it a matter of life or death.

As for me...the gun will be out of bullets before you drag my fat ass off. And your eyeball will likely be palmed. I don't fight fair and I don't mean to surrender.

And I never, ever will step foot in a big city again if I can help it.

Six said...

It'd take someone who was either monumentally stupid or suicidal to take you on Laura. I definitely want you on my side if things ever get bad!

"I get first choice? Cool. I'll take Laura. You guys can have everyone else and we'll spot you 50points of damage and 3 hippies!"

LauraB said...

Why, thank you! I cannot recall a higher compliment!