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25 October 2011

You Can't Camoflage Stupidity

From the "If they were smart we'd never catch them" comedy criminal file we have Ghillie Boy. GB apparently had the brilliant idea of wearing a Ghillie Suit to a burglary. Just in case the PoPo came rolling by. He apparently forgot that whole dogs-can-smell-really-good thing. He might should have done just a little more research into the local constabulary force and their K-9 program. (Psst GB. They have one.) Add in the fact that the room he was breaking into did not have access to his target building and we have a criminal who needs to be in jail for his own safety.

Here's our no doubt future Darwin Award winner in full weedy regalia. I would have given a months salary to have put the cuffs on this guy.

My absolute favorite quote from the article:

Until a police dog noticed a patch of turf acting in a manner very much unlike most grass. The dog bit down bit down on the grass and the grass responded with a yelp.

That's a 6P* Fail coupled with a heavy dose of "That really, really hurts". I hope his handler gave that K-9 a mouth rinse afterward. Stupidity of that magnitude might be contagious.


*Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


innominatus said...

It was thoughtful of the perp to wear a suit of dental floss for the K9.

Murphy's Law said...

Go dog!

Keads said...

Dog 1, Idjit 0!

The DO said...

Maybe I've hung around Lab's too long, but I can totally see the whole smelled-something-so-was-looking-at-the-grass moment suddenly become a must-chomp-on-the-moving-grass-cause-maybe-it's-a-toy-or-FOOD moment. Must have been classic. I so want to have been there when the officer put two and two together!