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11 October 2011

A, uh, follow up to a follow up to a comment on the 1%. Whew!

Alrighty, I think I've about done the 99% thing out, but as I wrote a response to the Troll I figured I'd at least email it to the Six.  He figured I should post it.  Problem is, the idea of an entire post got the intel juices flowing to see if I could understand the situation better.  So, a short rebuttal has become a rather long post.  >shrug<   Eh, I say go with it.  Turns out there is some interesting stuff on the subject that is worth sharing.  So to start, the rebuttal, then on to the new stuff.

The scorn we hold for the protestors is not based on the fact that they are protesting, per se, as seems to be the point of the article (that the troll posted).  We take umbrage at the fact that people who could have been useful have been snookered into the idea that everyone has to to go to college regardless the costs, to pursue any flight of personal fancy.  If you do that, we were all told by the left, you will be rewarded with automatic success.  And, apparently, sunshine, riches, and unicorns pooping candy on your front porch.  The reality is that we use to be hard workers that didn't believe the world owed us anything beyond the chance to make our own way.  These morons are usurping the American ideal and somehow trying to claim that someone else owes them their dreams.  Horse shit.  This nation was NOT founded on handouts, nor on bitching till Daddy paid your bills for you.  It was hard work and sacrifice that made it.  We here will not sit idyll by while these, er, people try to claim victims rights. 
I have an associates degree in (gasp!) fine arts, yet I also held a job and paid for college without going into hock.  And I got a real job that had nothing to do with art.  I'm also not attempting to get a higher degree in art.  Know why?  THERE'S NO MONEY IN IT.  Didn't want to be a starving artist.  I saw art for what it was: a fun degree to get while getting my GE credits, and I left behind when it was time for real work.  That these people are trying to say that they represent me because they were too stupid to be realistic is their own fault, and I'll be damned if anyone else should take the fall for them.
These protests are dangerous because they represent all the wrong reasons to demonstrate.  Take umbrage that the government uses your money for what ever it damned well wants to. Demonstrate because the system is too cowardly to actually do the hard thing and fix issues.  But don't demonstrate because you suck at life decisions and want someone else to fix it for you.  These people aren't responsible members of society that are trying to affect change.  They are moron lambs being used to shift talks further towards the removal of personal property rights.
New stuff

New York Post (found via Glenn Beck) posted about the depravity going on in New York.

The Baltimore Sun ran an article today that actually takes a rational look at the 99% protest issue in their city.  What it boils down to?  They don't know what they want, they aren't sure how to get what they don't know they want, they aren't bothering anyone currently, their media effort is being handled by a self proclaimed anarchist, and they homeless guy thinks it rocks cause it's like being back in the sixties.  

Speaking of the Baltimore Sun, they ran an op ed that gave me hope:

Occupy Wall Street protesters are the extremists, not the tea party

Hoorah and hallelujah! It's a very good article that really illustrates the points we've been trying to make.
"Even if you break the crazy pill in half and simply talk about forgiving all mortgages and consumer credit, we're still probably talking about the utter destruction of the global financial system. U.S. mortgage debt alone is roughly equal to our entire GDP.  The reason I bring this up is that I think this is extreme.
'Extreme' is a funny word these days. It's often used by mainstream news outlets to describe the tea parties and the tea-party-friendly caucus in theGOP.
For instance, when those hotheads in tricorn hats were trying to get the government to borrow slightly less than 40 cents for every dollar Washington spends, the conventional wisdom among enlightened liberals, the Obama administration and the other usual suspects was that they were 'extremists.'"

Last word, back to Glenn.  (Love Glenn, I admit it.)  No one connects the dots like he does, and this video is well worth the watch.

I'll give it to the Troll, I didn't know much about the protests when we began this conversation.  I knew about them, and dismissed them, but because of what I've done over the last few days I'm in a much better place to call bullshit.  So thanks, Troll, you've succeeded in making me more convinced the protestors are ludicrous lambs begin trolloped around for the good of the hard left.  I do believe I'll be that much more inclined to be active in my local Tea Party when we move!

~The DO

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