'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

05 October 2011

Racism, An Open Letter

Dear Morgan Freeman et al:

I'm a pretty average American. I pay my taxes. I worked hard for a very long time at my chosen profession. Been married for 33 years. I have a child and grandchildren. I'm an honorably discharged veteran. Nothing heroic just service. I pay 2 mortgages. I worry about money and crime and the state of my country. I have a couple of dogs. I have friends and enemies. People I despise and those I love. I love my community and try to  make it better. I vote. You know, the usual.

I'm also apparently a racist, something I was unaware of. See, I thought this was still a free country. Imagine my surprise to find out that holding the opinion that the sitting president is taking us down a path that will lead to an even greater loss of freedom, not to mention chaining my grandchildren to a debt they'll work the rest of their lives trying to repay, really means I don't like him because he's black. I could go on and on about all the many things he's done that make me believe he's the worst possible person to be sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office but I'd just be parroting the words of those much smarter than I. Suffice it to say that yes, I do not care for our current Commander in Chief. I just never knew it was because of racism.

I was under the (apparently false, according to you) assumption that it was because I pay attention and don't care to see the most free country the world has ever known be flushed down the toilet and into the socialist cesspool. I joined the Tea party, not because it excludes minorities but because it stands for much of what I believe and because it welcomes everyone, regardless of skin color. The only entry requirement being a certain conservative bent.

I think it's that conservatism that's the real problem for you. I remember when Justice Thomas was up for a seat on the Supreme Court. Remember Kenneth Gladney? Do the verbal attacks on such black conservatives as Angela McGlowan, Timothy F. Johnson, Condaleeza Rice, Lt. Colonel West and oh so many others bother you not at all? I mean, aren't they also African American? Isn't hating on them also racism? I guess it's Ok as long as the right people are doing the defaming. I could go on but what's the point? Listening and expanding your narrow viewpoint has never been your strong suit.

I'm convinced that it's not about race it's about ideology. You and your friends will stoop to any tactic, use any weapon you can lay your hands on to defeat true conservatism (or even true liberalism for that matter). Short of honest debate of course. And that's the crux of my issue with you and everyone just like you. It's Ok for you to lie, contort, smear, threaten and scream but when I and those like me simply point out the obvious shortcomings of the president and work to elect someone who holds our same political beliefs we're suddenly Racists and Phobists and Ignorant Haters.

Mister Freeman, and all the rest of you race baiting, anti-American scum, I have a new word to teach you and a new honorific to bestow upon you. That word is Homer. From the Urban Dictionary.

2. Homer

Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.

You are a Homer Mister Freeman. You have no intellectual honesty. No moral compass beyond demanding what you want for your team and throwing tantrums when you don't get it. No love of country and your fellow man. Fellow man having the definition here of anyone who has a different point of view from you as opposed to those who hold your societal beliefs. You follow the straight New Democratic Party party line and smear and yell your opponents down. You do everything you can to silence my side of the Great American Experiment. Not to put too fine a point on it but you wish me incarcerated, re-educated or dead but you'll settle for quiet won't you? For now anyway.

But there's bad news for you and the New Democratic Party you all seem to be members of. It's not working and isn't going to any time soon. You've used that word so often and against people so undeserving of the sobriquet that it's sting is now gone. We've built up an immunity. Your excuses and complete inability to criticize this President (for doing many of the same things you excoriated Bush for) can only lead me to one conclusion. If there's any racism going on here it's all on your side.

So I hope you will wear your new title proudly Mister Freeman. It has been conveyed with all the respect you are due. As for me? I and the rest of the open minded Americans out there will continue to watch, study and discuss the issues of the day, including your President, completely free from the guilt you wish so fervently to pile upon our already over burdened shoulders. We will continue to criticize and plan a strategy that will ensure he's a one termer. There is literally nothing you can say or do to make us sit down and shut up. Nothing. I hope that keeps you up at night, I really do.

Please feel free to go on spouting your nonsense and confirming the honorific you have earned and so richly deserve.

Morgan Freeman. Homer.

Racism free since 1959.


innominatus said...

Samuel L. Jackson suffers the same disorder as Mister Freeman. A pox on the both of them.

Six said...

Amen Inno. Tired, I'm just plain tired of these clowns.

Blue said...

I guess I'm a racist, too....

Six said...

I knew it Blue. Dang cracker. Probably have some of those nasty guns too.

Blue said...

well, i may have one or two.... :)