'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 October 2011

I Am The One Percent

The occupy Wall Street protests go on. I'm not linking to any of those organizations responsible but you've no doubt seen plenty of coverage. Whilst perusing Ace I saw a couple of pictures referring to the 99 Percent. I had to chuckle. I went on the interwebs and found some more.

First up some "I am the 99 Percent" stories.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for vets. I know the problems they face upon return but many thousands have managed to return to civilian life and find paying work in less than a year. If you're a vet who needs work I empathize. In all seriousness please drop me a line. The Sarge, The DO and I will find work for you. Joining this rabble does you no good. They despise you and will turn on you in a New York minute the instant you're no longer of value to them. We love you and will honestly help.

This genius didn't even bother writing out his sad story on blank paper or poster board. Oh those wacky Socialist Party USA folks.

We ran into some financial issues recently. Nothing Earth shattering just some difficulties. My wife decided to go back to work and take on a new client. Elapsed time to accomplishing both of those goals? 1 week. Don't tell me it can't be done. If you're jobless it's because you believe there are jobs that are beneath you.

If you're in debt it's because of a series of choices you made not because someone forced you to sign the papers at gun point.

Uh, 2008 was like 3 years ago. See my advice above. Quit whining and start knocking on doors and dropping applications. I'll bet you I can find you a job in a hell of a lot less time than 3 years. You might not like the work but it'll be honest and will let you retain your dignity.

Let me tell all you students a little story. Pay attention children, an adult is speaking here and you may learn something. My daughter (The DO) chose to obtain her Associates degree through the local Community College. It satisfies most of the basic requirements for a four year college and she got to stay at home while she attended. She also did well enough in High School to get a scholarship that covered almost the entire expense. She worked part time, studied hard and graduated right on time. She's currently working toward her Bachelors. Her Air Force husband is working on his Masters while serving his country and taking care of his family. When he's done he'll be educated, experienced and imminently employable on the civilian or government (think 3 letter agency) market. They're not only not in debt but doing quite well financially due to their hard work, common sense and spendthrift attitudes. They buy nothing they can't pay for not do they ask someone else to take on any debt they may accrue. See how that works? If they can do it so can you. If you're in debt with student loans that was a choice you made. If you thought that money was free it's because you're a moron not because of the system. You signed the papers so you knew and agreed to the terms.

The organizers and protesters seem to think 99 percent of America is just like them.

And of course it's not limited to just New York. Coming soon to a city near you.

Now most of you know that the term 'One Percenter' refers to patched members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. It's often displayed on patches and tattoos as 1% er. It's a reference to an alleged comment by the AMA that 99 percent of riders were law abiding (the AMA denies they ever said it). It's purely gang theater, sort of a 'Me Too' badge worn by thugs, losers and the criminally insane. No, don't want to go there. Still, I just can't resist the pull. I know, how about this:
I am The One Percent.

And damn proud of it.


The DO said...

Interesting timing. I just ran across a debate that is taking place discussing the idea that too many kids go to college. Yep, and I agree. Here is Hungary, High Schools are job related schools. Want to go to college? Go to a prep school. Want to be a mechanic? Go to a technical school. You get to pick based on what you want to do, and they help give you training to that end. It is the liberal left that pushes that idea that you can't get a good job without schooling, and then makes it impossible for the businesses to support workers, especially at the wages the left has convinced everyone that they NEED to earn. Yet now they get to be the ones yelling that it's all business's fault? Neat trick, that.


Sarge said...

I am also one of the one percent. Well said Six.

Blue said...

1% here too, I guess. Does that make me a "loser"? :)

Gotta love these clowns. Crazy entertaining, though....

Six said...

If we're going to reclaim One percenter from the losers we'll have to redefine the meme Blue.

1%er Common Sense
1%er No Whining
1%er Screw You Hippie

Needs some work I guess :)

Blue said...

I think we can do it.

Moth said...

1% my arse.

From a relativley civilised country, the US looks like a total basket case. For years, you've had the richest doing everything they can to get even richer, to the point many paupers believe these sociopaths shouldn't be taxed; it's a masterpiece of propaganda.

Even now when more folks than ever can see the writing on the wall, there are still victims of this class of uber-scumbag (if you're American, you're almost certainly one of these victims - it's not 1%; it's more like 0.001%) asking to be shat on from on high, and saying how great it is to live in a country where it rains ice cream.

OWS is the best thing that's happened in a long, long time. If you can't see that, you're either part of the 0.001%, or you're brainwashed. Let's see, huh? Does any of the following perhaps strike a chord, or are you a corporate lap-dog to the bone?

Keith Olbermann reads the statement released by the Wall Street protesters

The DO said...

Okay, Moth, lets get a few things straight right now.

First, this is an American blog, by Americans, about American issues. Once, during an exercise, an AF E-2 thought he had a GREAT idea, and came in to correct the E-3's and E-4's on what we were doing. We'd been doing this exercise for a while, and knew pretty well what we were doing. A rather well informed E-4 turned to him and said simply, "Son, you don't have a speaking part yet." And that's you, Moth. If anyone here CHOOSES to respond to you it's their choice, but no one is required to appease the curiosity of a non-American about American affairs.

Second, you don't come into Conservative territory and quote Olberdouche and get taken seriously. Really, ya new to this?

Third, as a blog author I will delete you if you fail to maintain civility, or continue to press if asked to stop. Fair warning.

Six said...


A troll. Cool.

Just to clarify, since it seems reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, my assertion that I'm a one percenter was sarcasm. If they're the 99 percent I am proud to be the opposing one percent. They're not you know. They're the one percent themselves. see how that works?

First,I don't know what
"civilized" country you're from but you and I obviously have a very different definition of the word. This is where you lefties get all fouled up. You believe by throwing around buzz words like that you can still all dissent through guilt. Just like "racist", it doesn't work anymore. Civilized countries do not support the idea that the working should subsidize the lazy. Just like the rich, I am entitled to the fruits of my labor. I don't mind being asked to donate (something my wife and I do regularly and to a greater percentage than the sitting president) but I draw the line at being forced. I made my own way out of poverty and I require everyone else to make at least the same effort at success that I have. I neither envy the rich nor hate them. They are what they are and short of communism that isn't going to change. Ever. Even then the top layer of society, the rulers, are beyond wealthy. We depend on the wealthy to create jobs and fuel an economy that has slowed to a halt. Not because of the rich but because of the beaurocracy. It boggles the mind that those who say the corporations are in bed with the rich in the same breath say that we need more government. Which is it? Do we need more corporate government or less?

Victims, another buzzword by an intellectually lazy moron who wraps himself in the dogma of the far left without a clue as to what is really going on here in my uncivilized country. It's not a zero sum game Moth. There's plenty to go around. All one has to do is put in the work and not be stupid. A degree in Philosophy will get you a rejection slip or a job at the drive through. A degree in Sociology will get you a nice job (and salary) doing a wide variety of things from government work to private practice. See how that works? No one is a victim of anothers success. No one held a gun to anyones head and forced them to go into debt. Want to get rich? There's literally nothing standing between any American citizen and wealth except laziness and stupidity. I strongly object to being yelled at by people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

I have a sad piece of news for you Moth. The OWS is an abject failure. It's a failure precisely because no where near 99 percent of Americans are buying the garbage spewing out of those nasty mouths. I have even more bad news Moth. See, I and those exactly like me, are actually in charge over here. We're the voters. The fully informed and actively participating Citizens of what is still the most free nation on Earth. We spoke in 2008 and we'll speak even louder in 2012. We're speaking even now. Do a search of my blog roll and take a read at what we're saying about the puling babies at these protests. Now take a look at the protesters themselves. Read their idiotic and contradictory messages. Take a look at the involvement of groups like the Socialist Party USA. It takes a disconnected, lazy, unintelligent leftist hack to take these people seriously. They're being used by those who wish to push a socialist agenda to fundamentally re-make America and you and they are too wrapped up in your own narcissism and greed to see it. I and the majority of Americans are responding with a resounding "No Thanks".

Thats not "shat" you're seeing coming down on Americans from on high Moth. It's the sweet rain of freedom. Only a child, ignorant of the dealings of adults and the workings of an adult world, could possibly mistake the two.

But then what else should I have expected from a lefty lapdog?

Six said...

Ok Mothman. You've had a chance to present a different opinion.
I've tried to reason with folks like yourself before. It's a waste of my time. I took one chance to see if you're a reasonable person but clearly you are not. I am uninterested in a crap flinging contest. If you wish to have a civilized conversation, please present your ideas and answers. No links please. I won't drive traffic to any of your friends without knowing exactly who they are. It's why I deleted your next to last comment. I put out links not you. Oh and I deleted the last one because the DO is my daughter. Since you're not within arms reach all I can do is remove the offensive comment and I have done so. If you're really interested in why I feel this way feel free to read my very first post.
If all you want is to do is engage in a shouting match I am unimpressed and uninterested. It's more of the same old and I am as tired of it as I am of the folks at the wall street protest. If you want to debate let's debate. Otherwise it's just boring.

The DO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keads said...

To Six and The DO: Well Done!

Six said...

You're a good man Mr. Keads. I'm proud to have you and the rest stop by here and read our scribblings.

Murphy's Law said...

Murphy would like the troll if you're finished with it. he says that they taste like chicken...greasy, dirty, flabby but arrogant chicken.

And add he and I to the 1%. We're getting ready for the shooty part of the "revolution" that these tools keep hinting will happen if they don't get their way. Funny, but I don't see many armed hippies for some reason. I predict a short revolution for that reason alone...well that and the fact that all of the dope that they smoke makes them drift off and forget what they were even mad about.

Six said...

Thanks for the backup ML. Yeah, I guess we can add problem solving and common sense to their long list of shortcomings.

Hey Moth, Murphy would like to play :) You should stop by sometime. I suggest wearing the cat suit and running through the back yard. Murphy looooves cats.

The Art of War said...

It doesn't matter. Both the 1% and the 99% in the US will lose to the 100% on the other side of the Pacific for the simple fact that we work together and you don't. Remember how they cut taxes and increased spending at the same time? I laughed, because I knew both the rich (1%) and the poor (99%) will be for the worse. Capitalism works as long as people believe they can work hard and get a fair return on their work. Here you have the poor thinking that they shouldn't work because it cannot pay the bills, and the rich thinking that using money can make more money anyway so there is no need to work. Net amount of work done decreases. The system is second order, what matters is the net amount of work and innovation that goes on.

Let me give you a model that works. Rich or poor, we save 50% of our income on aggregate. I personally save 95%. Both the rich and the poor submit to the smart, and we let the poor professors run society. You cannot have the best of both worlds, if you are wealthy, we understand that your ability to lead is weakened. We are looking for men of worth, not men of wealth. We are not there yet, we are still buying second-hand machines that the West throws away to make cheap stuff to sell back to the West, sacrificing our wages in the process, but guess what, we still end up saving and investing more money than you guys do. It is every person's national duty to bring up his or her child to become a PhD. We cannot understand how you guys can buy stuff on the cheap from us and still save less in the end. And you are resistant to wage cuts or tax cuts. You protest on the street even when you have food to eat. We've eaten tree bark and mud when our civilization was in its deepest distress. We invest in education, we want to create the next generation of winners. My mum ate rice with eggs throughout her motherhood so that she could buy that $2000 set of encyclopedia books for me. Women without children prostituted themselves so that they could donate to the Warship Fund, and you gladly visited them. Today I am an engineer (not working in the US, and not interested to). Now that it is my turn to become an adult, I will do the same for my kids. No TV, no Facebook, no porn, no distractions in my house. Books, robots and computer programs, is all that my child will get.

You boast about being the "Warrior Class" in America? Let me tell you something about Asia, every single one of us belong to the Warrior Class. 200 years ago you forced us to pay you billions of pounds of gold and silver on the premise of free trade when we banned opium, now you are being protectionist. We paid up every single gram of gold and silver you asked for because of our honour, and now that you owe us paper money, you are increasingly showing signs of being unwilling to pay. You stole our gold and thats why you have an overvalued currency that is the world reserve currency and yet you blame us for undervaluing our currency. You have aroused our disgust and anger, you have no honour. The basic decency of a human is to do unto others what you expect others to do unto you.

We will collect on the debt, it is a centuries old debt. We will regain our dignity, it has always been ours to keep. We will watch as you destroy yourself. We will keep striving. We will keep working. We will keep innovating. We will work hard no matter how much we get paid. We will overtake you, brick by brick, inch by inch, no matter how long it takes. 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 500 years, 1000 years, it makes no difference.

Six said...

I'm not really where to begin with this one. It smells but I'll play along.

Yeah, I think there have been a few wars on the Asian continent and more than a few hurt feelings to this day. You're no more cohesive than South America.

Capitalism works as long as men are free to make their own choices and government takes no more than an objective regularity role.

"Let me give you a model that works. Rich or poor, we save 50% of our income on aggregate. I personally save 95%. Both the rich and the poor submit to the smart, and we let the poor professors run society."

I'm glad it's a system that works for you and that you like. I'll take freedom and the ability to make my own decisions and succeed or fail on my own hook.

Yeah, I've never "visited" a prostitute. Arrested more than a few though. I hope it wasn't anyone you know. I think being forced to sell your body for the "warship fund" is twisted, inhuman and wrong. Don't you?

If you think we owe you something and want to collect you just hop on a plane and head on over. I don't take threats very well so I might be a bit cranky. Just FYI.

Six said...

Oh, almost forgot Art. You wouldn't by chance happen to know a certain poo flinging monkey named Moth would you?

The Art of War said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Six said...

Reading comprehension. You need some Art. I said no poo flinging monkeys and I meant it. Bring your logic and your argument but use your inside voice or don't bother.

The Art of War said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The DO said...

Hey Art. Geez, I have to say that this relationship has really run it's course. It's not us, it's you. The Six will probably delete your comment, and if he does I'll delete this one. However, if he doesn't here is my answer to you:

Censorship is done by State agencies and by the national medias; as we are neither we cannot censor you. However, if you are referring to deleting comments, that's simple. This is our tavern, and we like it here. We were sitting around, chatting with a few friends, when you and your buddy wandered in. Hearing our conversation you chimed in. Fine. We listened, and made a comment in return. You, however, won't leave it at civilized, and are no longer welcome here.

Our tavern. Get out.

Moth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The DO said...

Again, I doubt that the Six will let these comments stay. He's done, and so am I. You know nothing about my country. You aren't from here, you don't live here, you don't love it and you don't understand it. Read the Founders. Then read what the Founders read. Try to understand what they built, and why, then go off and cry cause you know nothing. You aren't correcting any nonsense, you are masturbating to your own dream. What is destroying my country is people like you, and the infected ideology that is destroying England, Germany, has destroyed Russia and the Eastern countries. As I currently live in Hungary don't even ATTEMPT to claim I don't know what I'm talking about. The infection is you, with no understanding, and no care to understand, standing on your high horse expecting that we will shake in fear at your attempt to belittle us.

Fuck off. You are done here.

Unfortunately for everyone else, I've set the blog to moderate comments. Moth and his ilk will not be read, and all comments will be deleted as trash as soon as the hit my email. For the rest of our friends, don't worry, we still give a shit what YOU have to say.

nadia said...

Just a quick note:

I think you meant to say that your daughter and husband are thrifty, not "spendthrifts".

Six said...

Right you are Nadia. I really need to proofread my posts better. Thanks.

HammerHead said...

I came across this blog, and am incredibly impressed by this. I am going to check out the other topics I'm interested in here. In response to all of this 1% stuff, up until a couple years ago I was one of those outlaw criminal "scum" types. I spent about a decade in prison, and during that time I did something I never thought I'd do; I read, I observed my "fellow" convicts, and I made my peace with the good Lord. What I realized most was that I love my country. I LOVE riding my pig, I LOVE a big dip of Cope, I LOVE freedom. I read about the founding of our country, our initial governmental development in response to Britainic tyranny. I got out of prison with NOTHING of material value, but a firm sense of morals, ethics, and values. I was honest about being a former man of violence and drugs, and was willing to take ANY job. From third shift in a plastic company making $9/hr, and living in a half-way house. I now own a very nice home, a big Ford truck, a custom Harley, I have a beautiful wife, children, and a great career in the trades...all in three years of working, paying my dues in shitty jobs, and earning a living AS WELL AS the respect of my employers.
Now, I am PROUD to say that I am a different type of 1%er.
Oh, and I'm not swamped in debt because I was smart enough to know that a trade from a trade school was better for me than to have a BA.
Thank you all for your time.

Six said...

Welcome Hammerhead. We're glad to have you stop by and leave us your thoughts and hard earned wisdom. Thank you. It's stories like yours that inspire and inform. It gives me hope. If you're willing, I'd like to highlight your comment in a new post, either attributed or anonymous, as you wish.

HammerHead said...

I put that up for people to listen, learn, or disregard. You have full permission do what you think would be in the best interest stopping the "poor me" entitlemental attitude of today. I have had my civil right to vote restored last year, and am eager to exercise this privilege. It's time we take back our country. I appreciate your support for my post. And I'm not hiding my beliefs, so post it Hammer Head, or Benjamin Hansen. I would rather stand for the truth as a man, then fall for a lie.

I Am 1 Percent said...

I hate how us 1 percenters are vilified in the media. We're not all wearing top hats and smoking $100 bills. Many of us lived modest lives, and worked hard to achieve success in terms of income.


Six said...

IA1P welcome! I'm glad you stopped by and left us a comment. I checked out your site and am impressed. If anyone is in a position to talk about 1 Percent issues it's you. I really hope you'll come by often.

I Am 1 Percent said...

Fantastic post. I just started a blog for the 1% in an effort to change people's perceptions of us...I would welcome any input from you!