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24 October 2011

Redneck Airlines

Duct tape, is there anything it can't do?

Still, I'm not certain I want to fly on an airline maintained by Bubba and Cletus (Bubsmythe and Basiletus?).

"Hey Bubsmythe."
"Yeah Basiletus?"
"Winder on the cab is loose."
"Whul hail boy, slap some duck tape on 'er."
"It's a aeroplane Bubsmythe."
"Don't matter. If it's good enough fer them boys in NASCAR it's shore good enuf fer us'n."

"Rhat. I knew that."
"Bless yer heart Basiletus."



innominatus said...

I'der used one dem big tubes o' sillycone sealer.

North said...

I actually have some duct tape SHEETS. About 12" x 16", if I remember.

Six said...

You'ns needs to leave them ol' boys a applycashun Inno. That's some raht smart figgerin.

I want, no I NEED some of those North. Just for the bragging rights.

North said...

I was SOOOOO wrong:


An Ordinary American said...

Former pilot John Guntrip said: "This could have been disastrous, the pilot could have been sucked out mid-air if the window had come off."

Where do they find dumbass "sources" like this???

As many times as I've jumped out of airplanes, I've never been "sucked" out or blown out.

Cabin/cockpit pressurization is for around 8000msl, and combined with the fact that it is the forward windshield, that if it breaks, will have 500+ knot winds blowing IN and AT the flight crew, not much sucking out is going to happen.

Especially seeing as how they are both strapped in.

Agree it was kind of stupid to duct tape the seals and then send the bird on its way, but geez. . .

The British must be taking lessons from our (so-called) journalists about accuracy of information.


Six said...

Hahahaha North! That's great!

That is so good AOA. Yeah, they hate it when logic intrudes on a good scare story. I really admire you guys who jumped out of airplanes voluntarily. And it makes you a subject matter expert in "things departing from an aircraft in flight"!

Anonymous said...

We were so much more sophisticated "way back when" we used to patch bullet holes in the rotor blades with that green tape the Army supplied called "hundred mile an hour tape." Nobody knew of duct tape then! regards, Alemaster

Six said...

You guys were cutting edge Alemaster. Back when I wore the green for Uncle Sammy we also called it hundred mile an hour tape because if you took your eyes off it for a second it was gone like it was traveling at a hundred miles an hour!