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16 January 2013

Live Blogging the Presidential Speech On Gun Control

Live blogging the speech this morning. I'm watching the presser right now. First up the Sheriff of Vice.

Dancing in the blood of innocents. So what else is new? Hammering on emotions. "Moral obligation to do something". This looks bad. "Cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Oh no. Colin Goddard is being trotted out. What simpering tools are they.

The President. This should be good. I feel just a little sick.

The Tyrant has kids there for the classic propaganda picture. Invoking 'For the children." "Their voices should compel us to change".

"We can't put this off any longer." Talking about the Taft shooting. 900 killed with a gun in the last month. Wonder where those stats came from and how close they are to reality. "If there is even one thing we can  do...One life that can be saved...I am going to do my part". Going to sign executive orders. Mental Health/CDC. Violent video games. 23 executive orders. Calling on Congress to pass proposals.

Universal background checks. Including private sales. Calls it common sense. (That's not on the '23' list, just what he wants Congress to do)

Calling for Congressional bans on EBRs and more than 10 round magazines. "Pump out as many bullets as quickly as possible". Invoking Reagan again. Man, does the left love to do that. Ban EBR manufacture. Wants confirmation of Todd Jones as BATFE director. The "Hunters and Sportsman" dodge again.

He's actually being kinda vague about what he's specifically going to do here. Talking a lot about Congress. Kicking the ball to them so when very little of what he wants gets passed they get the blame I suppose. He's doing a lot of bloviating. It's a rah rah speech designed to reach the emotional and his base. He's setting up Congress and the NRA to take the heat. "The most important changes we can make depend on Congressional action".

Basically daring Congress to not do what he wants.

"With rights come responsibilities". Badly wants the Congress to do his dirty work. Hypocritically talking about religious freedom while imposing religious limitations through health care. What a tool.

More emotional appeals. "We must act now. Let's do the right thing".

Very empty speech. Little real action. Signing the executive orders with the kids as a background then hugs them. Stalin would be so proud of the President for that.

It was a campaign speech. Seems like he's going to do basically nothing but issue meaningless presidential orders and calls for others to do what he knows they won't do. I don't have the whole list of the "Executive Actions" but it seems to include greater enforcement of existing laws and calls for studies on causes of violence and pushes for Congress to "Do Something". Bret Baier seems surprised there wasn't more.

That speech was a big, fat nothing. It was an emotional appeal for Americans to pressure Congress into violating the Second Amendment. I'm guessing the Dems in the House and Senate told him a few realities about what happened after 1994 and that they're unwilling to take that ride under the bus. He's going to throw them there after he doesn't get what he wants anyway so I'm not really sure what anyone with a D after their names expects from him.

Fox went immediately to Debt Ceiling talk within minutes of the end of the speech so....I guess that's that. The left has got to be either disappointed or livid over what he didn't do. He didn't ban imports as far as I can tell. Someone correct me if I missed that. No new gun control laws by fiat.

I found a list of the 23 "Presidential Actions" here. Check out number 18.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

Heh heh. I guess reality jumped up and bit someone on the ass. Better late than never I suppose.

So that's it. No 'Earth shattering Kaboom'. I'm going to go surfing just to see the wailing and gnashing of leftist teeth over this because as far as I can tell That Guy has opted to punt and play defense. Nothing we feared was included and he even gave lip service to the Constitution. That's only CYA to be sure but at least he gave a nod to the Bill of Rights. I'm more than a bit relieved though Borepatch so totally called this. I bow to the master.

Of course there's still the squishies in Congress but right now I'm feeling a lot more secure. Congress we can handle.

I'm sure others both smarter and more informed than I will have lots more on this but I wanted to watch the thing in real time and put out what initial information I could ( Update: Bob Owens weighs in). Bottom line? That Guy just squatted down and made grunting noises but instead of squeezing out a steaming pile he just produced an odorous cloud. The problem for the anti gun left is that the president gave elected democrats (and republicans for that matter) an opening to cave on this issue and they're going to be under a lot of pressure from their constituents to do precisely that.

Be grateful for small favors I suppose.



Paladin said...

I could have listened to the speech on the radio, but honestly at this point I can't stand to listen to his voice. I had to wait until the text of the speech was out and read it.

#18 may have to do with the fact that it's become widely know that his own kids, and Joe Biden's Grandkids, go to a school in DC with a security staff of ELEVEN - and that's not even including Secret Service.

It will be interesting to see how much Democrat support the actual Bills get... and how many Republicans get squishy about things like magazine capacity and the Universal Background checks/mental health restrictions. Those will be tempting items for some Republicans who haven't learned their lessons about "compromising".

Old NFO said...

NO, the KEY point will be to read the Fed Register and see what the EO's actually SAY!

Earl said...

If the first four years are an example, the next will continue to be so... doesn't matter what he does, his golf handicap won't cover up his score.

Six said...

As long as folks like you three are active and involved I am confident in our ability to influence Congress at least. As long as we can do that, with the assistance of groups like the SAF and NRA, nothing substantive can get passed. But we have to be proactive.