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22 January 2013

Angus Surgery Update

Got a call from the hospital at 0912 this morning. Angus apparently did well overnight though his appetite was off. They said he didn't eat anything prior to the midnight cutoff. For Angus that's a pretty good indication he was stressed and missing us because that boy is a lunch gut. I mean he is a Lab. Surgery is scheduled for mid morning and they promised the Doc would call with an update after it's done. Lu and I did get some sleep last night. Considering how little we've slept over the past two days I guess that's not really surprising. We'll try and stay busy today to keep our minds off what Angus is enduring.

I haven't responded to all your well wishes, kind words, suggestions and prayers but Lu and I have read them all. Words are insufficient to express how much we appreciate them and all of you. From the bottom of our hearts Thank You. Lu and I will always consider each of you as friends. Angus now has so many Godparents. It's a blessing and both Lu and I understand that and are grateful. May your love and kindness be returned to each of you a thousand fold.

I'm going to use this post to update his progress as the day goes on. When we hear anything I'll post it here.

Thank you.


Update: 1:45 (12:45 Pacific). Angus is in surgery now.

Update: 2:55. Doc called. Good news/bad news. Angus is out of surgery. It went well and he's recovering. The bad news is the break was even worse than we thought. The Radius was split lengthwise as well as being broken across. That explains why Angus was in so much pain. The Doc had to open him up more than he had hoped so he could screw the split bone together as well as plating the break. The split didn't reach either joint and Doc doesn't think it'll make any real difference in his recovery except rehab and final healing may take a little longer than first thought. Doc was upbeat and we're happy Angus is out of surgery alive and recovering. Doc will monitor him today and tonight but wants to wait until tomorrow morning before deciding whether or not to send him home tomorrow. He's promised to visit Angus first thing and call us at 9:00 in the morning to let us know. We're anxious to bring our little man home but if it takes another day then it takes another day. Better to be sure than to take any risks with Angus' health. But at least the most stressful and dangerous part is behind us. Now we know. I can't begin to say how badly we're missing him.


Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

Daphne said...

Well now, I doubt He'd be a God worth worshipping if He didn't hold a soft spot for the glorious breed known as the ever faithful Labrador Retriever.

Six and Lu, so sorry to hear about Angus' nasty collision and very thankful to find he'll eventually make a full recovery.

Your heartfelt worry for his pain speaks volumes about your fine state of compassion and decent human character. This dog is lucky to have such kind souls in his life.

Best to you Six and your lovely Lu.

And of course, Angus.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Glad to hear the surgery is done... prayin' he heals quickly without complications...

Dann in Ohio

Murphy's Law said...

Six, you're not alone because many of us out here are going through it with you and Lu. Keep us updated.

LauraB said...

You guys are the strongest parents...I'd be a bucket of mush. I can take personal pain but...animals? Sigh...sending out more prayers for all of you!

Blue said...

Wow. It sounds like progress is being made, which is a positive thing! Glad to hear that he is recovering. I'd bet that he is going to be happy when he comes home! Wishing all of you the very best!