'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

18 September 2012


Before I get into this review of such a critical item I want to make a Full Disclosure. I paid for these socks with my very own money. The company that makes/distributes them, World's Softest, does not know I am reviewing them or I'd almost certainly be receiving the cease and desist order even now.

Douglas Adams was completely wrong. The most useful item, not to mention the most necessary (except that I just mentioned it), is socks. Soft, comfy but still durable socks. I'm very particular about my socks. Lu would say I'm obsessive but she wears ankle length socks with jeans so what does she know? I like mine thick, white and knee length. Not 'have to tug them up with block and tackle to get them to just touch the general knee area' knee length. That's simply barbaric and a practice enjoyed only by sock masochists.

A couple of years ago, to finally get me to stop complaining and whining, Lu went on the 'Great Sock Research Project'. She visited stores, went online and spent literally hundreds of seconds searching for the perfect Six Sock. At the end of her exhaustive search she succeeded. Behold the World's Softest Sock.

Unlike more pedestrian and lesser socktorial offerings these socks are both immensely comfortable and quite durable. I've got a couple of pair that are well past 5 years of constant wear and still going strong. And soft. Have I mentioned how soft they are? If these socks were a tree...well I don't know what tree they'd be but you can bet your last weasel it'd be a soft one.And they're actually knee length. They go all the way up with nary a tug or curse word. Bliss.

I'm pretty sure they're made from Unicorn fur and are darned by kindly old grandmothers who live in shoes and raise vast hordes of children who will someday grow up to become Keebler Elves. 

I hate to run short so Lu orders me 10 pair whenever she hears that whiny tinge in my voice. These came in just the other day, shipped in a plain brown box to fool the Sock Stealer Cartel and your prone to jealousy neighbors.

Tactical Ninja Old Guy Knee High White Socks. Yeah. That's right. I went there. Of course you don't have to get them in white. They do come in other colors. If you're a philistine. 

I love me these socks.



Murphy's Law said...

Dude, I can so see you wearing these with your khaki shorts. And sandals. And black garters. As you sit on your porch all day and yell at neighbor kids to stay off your lawn.

Not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)

The DO said...

Ah Murphy, how wrong you are... He never wears sandals!

Six said...

I hate those damn kids!!

Anonymous said...

I have loved my black World's Softest knee high socks for many years. I wear them under my regular pants and they stay up all day. I am on my second batch of 15 pair and I won't wear anything else.


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

I'm at a loss for words...

Do they come in size 14?

Dann in Ohio

Six said...

Another smart man! Thanks Chuck.

Lu says they come in XL (12 1/2 +) and says I wear a large for my size 12s. You should be good Dann.

agirlandhergun said...

Lol, now I am just picturing you as Murphy described.

Six said...

With Angus sleeping by me and a shotgun propped up by the door. I'll teach those damn kids!