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02 June 2012

A Name And Another Day Trip

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the Name That Corvette competition. After careful consideration, a thorough weeding out process and much angst and consternation I have made the choice. And the winner is:

Coop for Black Betty. I completely forgot about that song until Coop mentioned it with the name Black Betty. It's perfect. Bitchin' song for a bitchin' ride. I'll probably shorten it to Betty from time to time but Black Betty she is and so she shall remain as long as she's mine.

All the suggestions were great and I really did go back and forth many times but I kept coming back to this one. Thanks Coop. If you send me an address I'll send you out a wonderful prize package worthy of inclusion in an Oscar night gift bag that will make all your friends, neighbors and family insanely jealous. Value could be as high as two dollars so you know, best to consult with your tax professional.

In accord with our new resolution to do a day trip as often as possible this summer, today we went north to Cedar City and surrounds. We even took the camera. Unfortunately I was in full buffoon mode again and the first bunch of photos, the best ones by the way, were taken on movie mode. I have about twenty 2 to 5 second clips. Way too many to post. But I did eventually recognize and rectify the problem. In time for a few pics anyway.

It was a great day. The weather is very hot at the moment here in Hurricane but it was considerably cooler at 6000 feet of elevation. Black Betty complained just a little about the elevation change but she ran like a champ.

We went north and lunched at Cedar City. We failed to do a computer search for eating establishments before hand so ended up at an Applebee's. Eh, I've eaten worse. Afterward we continued north to Parowan. Driving through we spotted an Event. Turns out it was a car show. We stopped and wandered the small but well attended show. Saw some nice cars, including a very nice 1960 red and white C1 Corvette. Really wish I had a picture of it.

After much fun and a filling if not unique lunch it was time to turn the wheel for home. Along the way I noticed this speed limit sign for the first time. It's so nice living in Free America.
On the subject of speed Black Betty is what we once called (in my younger, more tender days) a Slider. That is a car that's built to look cool but is in no way fast. Good at freeway speeds but not going to outrun much of anything. She's happiest at about 70 or so. Well, Slider was one of the names we had for such a car. The other is a bit less PC. So un PC is it that I dare not mention the name on these pages lest women, small children and men of weak constitutions be rendered speechless and run screaming from the room, forever scarred. What's that? You want to know anyway? Ok I'll give but don't say you weren't warned. A lot of you in my age range are familiar with it anyway so it's not like it's an earth shattering secret. Not even Squirrel Secret. Ready? Ok, here goes.
Pussy Wagon. See, I told you. Hey, it's not like I invented that name or anything. And I only said it once. Maybe twice but no more than that. I swear. Pussy Wagon. Hee Hee. Yes, I really am six years old.

We learned from the last trip and left the T-Tops on. Hey, even I can learn provided there's enough pain involved. As you can see through the tinted top it was a very nice day indeed.

Isn't she cute? Though it's not readily apparent I do in fact have seatbelts in Betty they're just lap belts but we do wear them. Yes, that is a tear in the door panel. No, I am not going to fix it anytime soon. They're pricey and, as I believe I've mentioned once or twice, I'm cheap.

Welcome to Browse Utah. Proof that the Mormons have even less imagination when it comes to names than I do.

All in all a very good day for Lu and I. We're going to keep on doing this until we either run out of places to visit or Black Betty pukes something critical. Next week the Mountain Meadows Massacre site.

Thanks again for everyone who chimed on on the name contest. Rest assured she loves her new moniker and wears it proudly.



Keads said...

Ah, Black Betty it is then! Sounds like a great trip. +1 on the BB throwing up something critical thing, I know how that goes! My cousin and I rebuilt the engine in the '71 around 1982. I don't think we knew what we were doing!

Six said...

It was Keads. These trips are really becoming a lot of fun.

Cousins and rebuilding engines? What could possibly go wrong?

Did I ever tell you about the time my cousin and I rebuilt the 396 in my 69 Chevelle? It ended up badly with a pretzel for a connecting rod, a piston in a million pieces and a hole in the block.

Coop said...

ha! Glad you like the name... just seemed appropriate! Enjoy the ride Six, I know they can be very therapeutic... All the Best, Coop

Jon said...

There's a free download of VideoPad software available from the mfg web site - that will allow you (with very short learning curve) to capture snapshot photos out of videos. I've been using it on some videos I took with a GoPro while riding my motorcycle.

Six said...

Thanks again Coop. Good luck in your ongoing fight. You've got a lot of prayers going out for you.

Thanks for the tip Jon. I'll pass that along to my IT gal (Lu).