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05 June 2012

A Porch Update. Now With More Angus!

I finally got the basic porch structure done. The posts are posted, the headers are overhead and the joists are...joisted. I skinned the roof with OSB and we decided to go ahead and move in some furniture and rugs to try it out.

You can see how bad that concrete is. I briefly (very briefly) considered jackhammering it out and re-pouring it. Then I got out of the sun and came to my senses. I'll patch and repair then seal it. We'll cover the whole space in grey indoor/outdoor carpet.

It's a nice space and about 20 degrees cooler than the Saharan temperature out in the sun.

It's actually very cool and inviting. Exactly what we were hoping for.

Mister movie star there seems to always know when the camera comes out. He's such a ham.

If I get on the floor he's convinced it's solely to play with him."Come on Daddy, let's play".

Yea!! We're gonna love this space and it was entirely wasted before.

And to finish off here's a gratuitous picture of Angus in Black Betty thrown in at no additional charge. You're welcome.

He really did go for a ride with me. He loved it and we got a lot of smiles and waves.



Borepatch said...


Six said...

Thanks BP. It's still raw but we're already wondering what we ever did without it.

Keads said...

Very nice!

LauraB said...

JEEZ! How do you get so much DONE?! I am fortunate to get the trash taken out some days. Sigh...you should consider some bead board for the ceiling. And a ceiling fan. Which is what I am trying to talk Himself into...

And now...time to hunt my Dremel up because the tile in the guest shower has cracked grout and I am sick of it.

I love the porch - definitely look at the outdoor carpets as they are amazing, now. Heck Target even has them.

LOVE the Betty! Angus is a VERY lucky dog. Tell me there was a towel under his scritchy pars!

Six said...

Thanks Kelly!

We're still derbating the ceiling Laura but beadboard is definitely high on that list.

I did put down a nice soft towel for the young man. White though which totally threw off the feng shui!

Sarge said...

Six, we put white lattice on the ceiling of our bathroom in our Virginia home (I know sounds strange) It was your MIL's idea and it was easy and looks great.

Six said...

I will give that some serious consideration.