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28 June 2011

The New Boy

I'm headed out to California on Thursday to pick up the new boy. I'm staying with Car Guy and his lovely bride Thursday night. I'll pick him up at the breeder on Friday morning and immediately return to Utah. I hate to do the hit and run with Car Guy but I have things that must be done both Wednesday and Saturday so my window is small.

I've been getting ready for his arrival. Re-reading some old favorites

And especially this one. No finer work exists regarding the raising and training of a good lab.

This is my literally dog eared copy. Proof that Trooper loved it as much as I did. I think the new boy will be as interested as he was.

The DO and the grandkids bought him his first collar. I found some puppy sized bumpers I just couldn't resist. Hey, gotta start 'em early.

The toy box is full with any accoutrement a retriever could ever want. More toys equals fewer chewing incidents. At least that's the theory.

The house is ready. His crate is beside my bed and waiting for it's occupant. The back yard is newly fenced. The lake has been scouted and the best spots picked out. We've been talking to Chrisi about her new little brother. She talks a good game but I don't think she really understands. Come Friday night it'll all become clear to her. She loves friendly dogs, especially little ones. She's missed Trooper badly so I think the new boy will be a welcome addition into her life.

I'm nervous. Perhaps anxious is a better word. On the day I pick him up Trooper will have been gone exactly 11 months so it's been a while. It's important that I do this right and I haven't had a puppy in almost 16 years. I'm hoping it's like falling off a bike because we all know how well I do that.

I'm as ready as I can be and really looking forward to meeting my new friend. It's going to be a wonderful ride and I plan on sharing it with you. Pictures as soon as I get a chance, probably Saturday night.



North said...

Good luck to you and your new friend. You will make a great pair!

innominatus said...

If God created anything cooler than puppies, I haven't encountered it yet.

Keads said...

Hope you and him/her have a great time!

LauraB said...

May I recommend the Blue Buffalo brand Tranquility treats to ease any nerves (the dogs, not yours) on the way and the first few nights? Perhaps a 1/4 strip for a puppy...

Helps Kota quiet down when she's in heat. (No, hubby hasn't tried them on me. :P )

Can't wait for the pics!

Murphy's Law said...

That little fella doesn't know it yet, but he won the dog lottery and scored one of the best homes and the finest people possible.

Ed Rasimus said...

Frustrations, vexation, acceptance, maturation, love and affection all coming in rapid sequence.

How fortunate we are that there are dogs to train us and teach us the meaning of it all.

Six said...

Thanks everyone, you guys are the best. I'm taking the camera with me on the trip so I should be able to post an introduction sometime on Saturday. I'm taking my daughters van for the trip. I took out all the rear seats and laid down a nice blanket so he'll have a good place to rack out as well as some toys to play with. We're taking it slow. I figure on stopping every 2 hours for water and a potty break.
I can't wait to show him off!