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01 June 2011

Chrisi, Still Going Strong

One of the things we most like about the move to Hurricane is that there are 2 lakes and a nice pond within 10 miles of our house. With Chrisi getting up there in age she needs as much low impact exercise as we can get her. We try and get to the lake at least weekly. Of course it helps that she's a maniac for retrieving, especially in the water. She knows exactly what her job is and lets us know whenever she thinks it's been too long since she's had a chance to get her retriever schwerve on.

The lake is Sand Hollow Reservoir. The day is Wednesday, June 1st. The time is 1400 MST. Bumper by GunDogSupply. Legs by Colonel sanders. Lu was feeling poorly so I got to have the fun.

Are you ready Kid?
Fetch it up!
And we're off! She may not be as fast as she used to be but her enthusiasm has never been higher. That girl loves to retrieve. Her focus is total. She's always been an exceptional marker.
The catch.
And the retrieve.
You've heard or read the term Otter Tail. This is what they're talking about. Labs have a thick, wide tail that acts as a rudder when they swim. Chrisi, of course, has absolutely no idea that anything is attached to her butt. She just loves to swim.
Throw it again. Throw it again! Look at that face. This was at the end of the session and she was still begging hard for just one more throw. Have I mentioned she's 14 1/2 years old? We retrieved for the better part of an hour and she never once even hinted that she was tired or ready to quit. Richard Wolters wrote that a good Lab would rather retrieve than eat. Trooper not so much but it's a perfect description of Chrisi. Her drive is still huge.

Never let anyone tell you that old dogs are good for nothing more than eating and sleeping. Chrisi is proof that with proper care, good food, intelligent exercise and a little luck a dog can do what they were bred to do for a very long time. I'm counting on her passing along her wisdom, training and good habits to her little brother. If he ends up being half the dog Chrisi is I'll be a happy man.
And now it's nap time for a very contented dog.


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