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11 October 2010

Monster Hunter Vendetta

I read Monster Hunter International a few months ago and even wrote a review. Short version is I loved it but was deeply concerned that the new book, Monster Hunter Vendetta, couldn't live up to the original.

Fast forward to last week. I bought a copy, started to read and ended up in a marathon geek fest until the wee small hours of the morning. Yeah, my fears have been allayed. MHV may even be better than MHI but it's too close to call.

If you're looking for a good read in the Horror, Humor, Action category I highly recommend both of these books. Correia is a gifted story teller and his characters are real (even the monsters). He also isn't afraid to kill off the occasional major character. Or two. No more hints. I've already said too much.


Standard FCC disclaimer. I am a highly skilled and educated English major and Book Reviewer. (He's lying. He flunked 6th grade English and the closest he's come to being a book reviewer is talking about the latest copy of Juggs magazine with his equally prepubescent circle of friends.) I am sought after by major publishers and authors and am well paid for my services (Oh crap, where do I begin? His correspondence with major publishers consists of an increasingly rude series of rejection letters and court ordered cease and desist orders. As for well paid, he never sold a thing in his life except for his soul. He got a buck forty for it. 'Nuff said.) While I have not been paid for this particular review I am quite certain that the Author, after reading it's magnificence, will remunerate me accordingly. (Yeah, you hold your breath waiting for that there Skippy. Correia only knows he's alive because he keeps sending him mash notes. Jeez, what a dip.) I only recommend books that I have personally read and liked enough to review. (Yeah, all four of them. It takes too long to read any more. His lips move too slowly.) I understand your need to ensure the public welfare by requiring all reviewers to state their relationship to the reviewed material and I support that position. (He's lying again. He really wishes you'd all catch a bad dose of the clap and put your mothers out of the pimp business permanently. Not that I'm judging you or anything.) That said I have no personal relationship with this author. (No kidding Sherlock. He's not fooling anyone. He develops the occasional man crush and just hopes the authors come here, read his semi-literate scribblings and develop a sudden desire to be his best friend. Really, it's in his diary. What a mook.) You are keeping us all safe from the ravages of product reviews by uncontrolled bloggers. (Blogger? Rants and nonsense on a site read by 3 people a blogger does not make. Obviously the lithium dose is no longer sufficient.)
For that I say Thank you. (Piss off.)


Brigid said...

I got it today. Wish I didn't have to go to work.

(cough cough).

Ah, shoot, I'll probaby read it into the wee hours.

Six said...

You're gonna love it Brigid. It's worth the loss of sleep.
That cough sounds bad. You definitely need a day off.

innominatus said...

I got so much "life" (some would call it "drama") going on lately I haven't even tried to read a novel for a long time. Sounds like these are up my alley, though.

Six said...

I can't recommend them highly enough Inno. Correia is a great writer. I love these books.