'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

21 October 2010

I'm Beat

Lu and I sat down and finally made up our minds (Thanks for the perspective Brigid). We're moving to Utah permanently. We're going to rent out the California house (Thanks Fannie and Freddie).

In light of that decision I got up Tuesday morning and decided that I needed to make a run out there with a pickup and trailer load of stuff. I'm still wondering just what all this crap is, who it belongs to and how we somehow managed to end up with it all.

Lu and I spent all day loading up. I jumped in the Ford and headed out at 1530. I got to the house at 0230 Wednesday. Slept for a couple of hours then corralled Sarge to help me unload. Sat for a bit, ate and watched some baseball (Go Giants!). 2230 it was back in the truck for the return trip. Got in at 0840 this morning. A little over 1300 miles total.

Lu, bless her heart, painted the dining room (two coats of Behr Mushroom Bisque) and then waited up until I got home. We collapsed into the bed about 9 and slept til 1400. I'm groggy and tired. I'm getting too old for that kinda crap anymore.

I'm taking a couple of days off to recharge for that final push. There's still a ton of things to do. I'm happy with the decision but I hate moving.



Borepatch said...

God Speed, sir. It's a big effort, but it seems that you have the chain of command engaged.

You have a place to stay if you want to come visit in Atlanta. Should be (hopefully) settled in my January. And unlike you, I won't need a snowblower.

But moving from a Socialist Republic back to the United States of America is A Very Good Thing Indeed. As I said, God Speed.

Brigid said...

I think it is a journey you will love.

I'm probably going to rent out the Range house. The land that is separate is already leased, but it's not going to sell with all the foreclosures surrounding it.

I don't want to wait until someday for it to sell, I'm ready to downsize now.

Best of luck to you all.

Six said...

Thanks guys. If anyone understands the pains of moving is it's you two.

Careful BP, you have a blogger shoot out there don't be surprised to find me on your door step, hat in hand and shooty stuff in tow. I just don't know what we're going to do no longer living in gun free zones. I'm going to hire one of the Boy Scouts to shovel the walk while I stand inside the door and shout out helpful tips. I am so glad you were able to sell. If you're ever in southern Utah...

I was hoping The Range house would sell quick Brigid but you're right, the market is just so bad. Your plans for the new place are too good to wait. We decided to not even make the attempt at selling. We signed on with a rental agent. They run prospective tenants through a background and financial check and have them sign one year rental contracts. We hired a lawn care service and my best friend is going to handle any repairs that come up. We're mentally saying goodbye to the house and treating it as a very long term investment. It's all we can do.

Thanks again guys. Sympathetic friends are always appreciated.

Sarge said...

Hey don't worry about the snow shoveling. I promise I'll shovel all the snow you need shoveled. I'll even go one better if you need to have the driveway shoveled I'll pay for the boy scouts the entire troop. Then I'll buy them a snowblower so they can do all the neighbors for free. The snowblower comes with lifetime repairs and gas & oil fills also. Also if the first one wears out, I'll buy the whole troop one. One for each member with the same lifetime guarentees.
It don't snow in Southern Utah, but the offer still stands.


Kanani said...

Sometimes you just wish you could move..sans all the stuff. Take some basics, the momentos... the rest? Forget it. I know. I'm supposed to be moving next spring. And I wish I could sell the house, its contents and just go!

Six said...

I appreciate the note of confidence Sarge.

I'm with you Kanani. In fact Lu and I just had that conversation. Who was it that said "Simplify, simplify."? Yeah, I need to do that.

Daphne said...

I hate the work of moving, Six, but I do love to move!

I'd pack up and leave every couple of years if I could, from one house to another, one town to the next.

My inborn desire to ramble around drives my husband crazy, he's convinced I'm looking for unattainable happiness. No amount of explaining that it's the adventure and discovery of unseen places and people that has always compelled my need to roam will change his mind.

Once a place becomes thoroughly understood, seen a million times, I get bored and I'm ready to go.

So, I'm excited for y'all in a vicarious way.

Six said...

Thank you Daphne. I'm a homebody by inclination. Too many moves as a kid I expect. I'm trying to keep a good attitude. Brigid reminded me that as long as Lu and I are together that's where home is so I appreciate your positive thoughts and I promise I'll try and look at it as an adventure. We are moving next door to Sarge and Mrs. Sarge (Lu's parents) so I expect it'll feel a lot more like home than I fear.

LauraB said...

I am THRILLED with the news!! Wonderful, terrific news! I've been trying to catch up with all the bloggy types so I am late to this one but happy as I can be. As for moving, yes - start a pile of Pack Last and you'll find much of it will be Moving Sale material, not mattering nearly as much as you think. Lighten the load, start anew.

Hope to see pics, soon, of the new digs. And kudos to Lu for knocking out the painting! Woot! If you need help with the snow I have a hankerin' for some...likely cared for after about an hour of shoveling but heh - it's an hour less for you!

Six said...

Thanks Laura. It's so nice to get such positive energy from you guys. I'm taking that advice btw, we're getting rid of as much junk and crap as we possibly can. Anything we don't have to move is a win.

If we get a nice layer of snow I'll call be calling :-)

Pics as soon as possible. Promise.

Anonymous said...

How I feel about California: Decent people shouldn't live there. Glad you're leaving.

Six said...

Thanks WarriorGeek. That pretty much sums up my feelings. We had a place in Wetumka Oklahoma for several years and the plan was to move out there after I retired. Things happened and we ended up buying Lu's grandparents house (She calls it the home place) after her grandmother died to keep the wreckers away. It needs so much work we couldn't keep up with all three houses so sold the Ok house. We still miss it and are keeping the idea of ultimately ending up back there open but as long as we're out of this cesspool it's all good.