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06 October 2010

Kanani Needs Some Assistance (Updated)

Kanani over at The Kitchen Dispatch is one of my favorite people. She's a talented writer and milblogger but more important, she's a Warrior. Her husband is downrange, in very bad places doing very good things as an Army Surgeon saving the lives of our soldiers. Kanani is always looking for ways to help, whether that means contributing to better awareness of the mission through promoting books and movies or bringing the plight of our wounded warriors to the forefront and keeping them there. This time she's asking for help in bringing aid and comfort to our Wounded Warriors. You can read about it here. If there is anything that'll help those men and women deal with their experiences and lessen the impact of PTSD I'm on board. I've seen what long term suffering can mean in a man I love and admire.

I know we all get inundated by requests for donations literally every day, to the point that it's easy to get a bit jaded about them so if you can't you can't. But this one is from one of us. Kanani is a milblogger and an Army Spouse. I love her and support her and her mission. Lu and I dropped her a donation.


Update. Ed Rasimus has a couple of Wounded Warrior charity links up here. Lu and I sent them a little love. We're not philanthropists but most all of us donate and I'm now firm that our money is only going to help our soldiers and their families and these are folks that Raz can vouch for.


Ed Rasimus said...

She does great work and with this being around the time of Combined Federal Campaign/United Way, we should all have the Wounded Warriors at the top of our preference list. I won't detract from Kanani's efforts but will note in passing that the Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Ass'n (River Rats)has long supported scholarships for POW/MIA dependents. We established the Air Warrior Courage Foundation about 20 years ago which is dedicated to helping the guys/gals who are injured in service to their country. We organize and conduct a wide range of activities for troops at BAMC in the San Antonio area and at Walter Reed Med. Ctr. Both organizations are registered 501(c)3 and both are available as check-offs for CFC donations. Big advantage to agencies like Kanani's and RRVA is low overhead. We average 90% plus of funds turned over to the target for support.

Doesn't matter how you choose to support, but remember to support our warriors.

Six said...

Well said Ed. If you'll drop me a link Lu and I will go over and make a contribution.
Thanks for your efforts. it's so very important to support our returning wounded warriors and their families.

Kanani said...

Thank you!
Well, I try to help. It's what I've always done. I think what's going on at Kripalu, and being able to report about it, and also talk firsthand with some of the Warrior Transition Units fits in well with the desire to find ways to help soldiers and their families with stress-related problems.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, who is leading the opening session was one of the doctors influential in getting PTSD listed in the DSM-IV. Having a condition listed in the diagnostic manual means the veterans suffering from it are able to gain help for it, bill insurers, and have it covered by mental health providers.

We have a lot to do! Thank you for helping!