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11 August 2010

The wisdom of those that actually make a PROFIT

The Sarge passed on a link that is well worth your time to view. The subject is national finance and the man talking is Steve Wynn. Now, if you don't know who Steve Wynn is, I will sum up.

Steve Wynn inherited a small business from his father and turned himself into a billionaire. Yeah, billionaire. This is a man that made his money investing in lavish resorts in Las Vegas, paying thousands of employees, dealing with State and Federal bureaucracies, and has set a standard in Vegas. He built the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Bellagio, and finally the Wynn Las Vegas. Each hotel has built on his previous accomplishments and has been continually refined. In a city like Vegas, to continue to build and run successful hotels is a major accomplishment.

And I will repeat: through his hotels across the US he has had to deal with unions, workers, health care issues, State governments, the Federal government. So he may know a thing or two about the system. Now, here is an interview with him from May 2010 where he talks about the direction the nation is going.

For some reason it's setting the video way down on the page and I can't fix it... Just keep going, it's there!

h/t to the Sarge
-The DO

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