'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

04 August 2010

Let's Get It On

I've said before how much I appreciate smart people. There are a few sites I visit every day because I know I'll learn something and because they have a knack for explaining things in a common sense way that even I can understand. Ed Rasimus and Borepatch stand out so I'm going to pick on them. There are more of course (and I hope all of you will forgive me for singling these two out) but I can't get through my day without reading these two men.

From Borepatch we have Ozymandias.

From Raz we have the Constitution.

And just to throw in some crass nepotism. From my own daughter (The DO who is smarter than I will ever be and how can I resist touting her?) more on The Constitution.

Take a minute and read them all. They're just full of smart and common sense as are their respective authors.

They're talking about essentially the same thing of course. An overreaching and increasingly imperious and non-responsive government taking unto itself powers reserved to The People and spending us into servitude.

The answer seems to be re-asserting our control over the politicians and destroying the Political Class once and for all.

Many are of the opinion that it's too late to settle things at the ballot box and they have a point. I may very well be completely out to lunch but I remain optimistic about our chances to avoid wide scale violence. Maybe it's because I've seen enough violence in my lifetime to be afraid of that road. Maybe I'm just getting in touch with my 'feminine side'. Whatever the case I remain unwilling to start lining bureaucrats up against the wall just yet. I think there's a tide of real 'hope and change' sweeping across America. One need look no further than the Tea Party, Governor Christie and Sarah Palin to be able to taste the flavor of the new politics of America.

Time and the November elections will tell. One thing is for certain, there are very few fence sitters left in our Republic. Health Care, Illegal Immigration, Unemployment, loss of Essential Liberties, the tone of the Royal Court in DC, etc. have galvanized (dare I say balkanized?) America to a level not seen since the turbulent 1960's and maybe the 1860's. The electorate has an opinion on every issue (informed or otherwise) and those opinions seem to increasingly be in favor of limited government and restoration of personal freedoms. The Throw Them All Out movement that seeks to put in office men and women who understand their role of supporting the Constitution and safeguarding the rights of all citizens, even in the face of the stupidity and short sightedness of the left and their supporters and mouthpieces.

I like the idea of a no holds barred, winner takes all slobber knocker between the left and the right. I remain confident that the left cannot compete, as Rush likes to say, in the Arena of Ideas. If they could they wouldn't have to dissemble and distort both their own and our positions and pander to the victim culture.

The game changer seems to be right here, on the Internet, where people like Borepatch, Ed, The DO and all the rest of the Right Intelligentsia (no offense intended) have free reign to speak the truth and put forth the facts that put the lie to everything this president and his supporters are working so hard to convince us to believe. It's folks like them and the new wave of True Conservative Politicians smart enough to see this media for what it is and what it can do who are actively defeating the forces of entropy who are working so hard to destroy us. I'll take them and everyone else over there on my Warrior Roll on my side against anything and anyone the left cares to throw into the ring and to the winner goes the spoils.

The best thing about it is there's little the left can do at this point. The fight is scheduled. The arena chosen. The pre-fight trash talking is ongoing. All that remains is the final scorecard and the post-fight punch stats.

Obama, pelosi, reid and their ilk called this tune and issued the challenge to throw down (Remember when obama said to 'bring it on'? Be careful what you ask for). It'd be rude not to accept but stupid to go in unprepared. Like we did in 2008. This is not 2008 and the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the red corner? His name is The New Media and yeah, he's on our side.

I like our odds.



Borepatch said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I think it's not so much trying to destroy the political class (if that were even possible). Rather, it's that our whip hand has gotten feeble, and stretching it will pay benefits. I'll elaborate on why I think it will pay later this week.

But I'm with you - I like our odds.

Six said...

I'm looking forward to that post BP.

Whip hand. See, this is why you make the big money!

The DO said...

Geez, I really gotta finish that series, eh? I'll get on that. And thanks for the encouragement. I'm not smarter then you (you do calculus in your head!) I've just taken more history classes:)

phantom said...

I don't mean to throw a wet blanket on all the optimism here, but even if we do throw the left out, who will replace them?


The same party that routinely eats it's more conservative up-and-comers? The same party that has never (that I can recall, anyway) repealed even one unconstitutional 'law' passed by the leftists? The same party that nominated BobDole and Crazy McCain as the best the party had to offer?

Nah, years ago the Republicans morphed into Democrat Lites while the Democrats morphed into the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (with damned few actual Arbeiters, to be sure).

The sad fact about American politics is that there are only two parties and the best that can be said about them is that the Republicans are screwing us-, but they are gentler, use KY and kiss us when they're done.

I understand, of course, that a vote for any third party candidate who does not have a lock on about 35% of the electorate, essentially, guarantees that the Demoncrat (sic) will win.


Six said...

Your points are well taken Phantom. My belief is that if we can fire enough of the current office holders, regardless of party affiliation,(and keep on firing the bad ones) the replacements will twig to the idea that if they don't or won't do the job we want them to do their tenure will be short and quickly forgotten. Nothing focuses a politician's mind like the idea of getting a real job and losing all those juicy benefits and exhorbitant salary.
It's going to take the electorate staying on top of them (as any good manager should) but the signs I'm seeing indicate to me that this is a watershed moment in American history and I'm putting my money on us doing exactly that. I freely admit I may be wrong but I remain optimistic.