'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

02 August 2010

Why Socialism Fails; or; The Story of the Big Chocolate Raisin

We have a box of chocolate raisins in the house, courtesy of The Six and Lu (aka Grandma and Papa), and occasionally there is one that is huge. The kids simply love the huge raisins, and to maintain peace in the house, I have to make sure that if one gets a huge raisin, so does the other.

Okay, fine, doesn’t that actually prove socialism? Doesn’t that show the inherent need for “fair”? No, what it shows is that human nature is such that if a person doesn’t get what that person deems to be fair that they will throw a hissy fit and pout cause they didn’t get a big raisin, and they didn’t know they wanted a big raisin till she got a big raising, and now I want a big raisin, damn it! What it shows is that human nature is variable, that fair is inconsistent and that, if given the opportunity, people will totally scam both big raisins for themselves.

Humans aren’t fair. Claiming that a social, economic and political paradigm that depends on fair to work will ever be effective is like saying that pooping candy is a great idea so I think I’ll start doing that from now on.

There is no such thing as fair, and I won't be pooping skittles anytime soon.

You're welcome for that particular mental image.

-The DO


Six said...

I'm going to open the next jar and make sure there's an odd number of big chocolate raisins. You know, just to make your life even more interesting.

The DO said...

Thanks Papa, I always knew you'd never let me down:)

Ed Rasimus said...

The image that I'm left with is about the source of those "big chocolate raisins". I think you may have inadvertently solved your problem if the kids read this.

Six said...

My gastro-intestinal passings more resemble roses in olfactory effect as anyone who has spent time around me can attest.
When not completely odorless of course.

The DO said...

Thanks Ed, I don't think I'll ever look at those raisins the same again:)

LauraB said...

You bring to mind the one thing, as a child, that I hated the most - no, I loved the Raisinets. I hated, "All men are created equal".

It was an obvious lie. I didn't understand and still do not how people will mouth it like a psalm. They are not and never shall be. It is only by grace and charity that we move beyond that point and accept those lesser than ourselves and aid them if we can.

This takes a smarter person than I to detail but I just had to toss it out there.

Six said...

I think you said it very well Laura, as always.