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21 August 2010


Julian Asshat is wanted by the Swedish cops for suspicion of rape and molestation. I haven't found any source that talks about specifics yet but the authorities are apparently motivated to bring him in for questioning.

Let's see. A far left Western Nation hating contemptible piece of horse crap, who takes pride in releasing stolen documents that put people at risk of horrendous deaths, is accused of sex crimes by the very country where he mostly resides in order to take advantage of their legal protections for his outrageous behavior. Sounds like typical liberal hypocrisy to me and a nice case of schadenfreude.

Maybe he can get Polanski for a cell mate. They can indulge themselves on each other. Sounds like a match made just a little south of Heaven to me.


Never mind. According to Ace the prosecution has dropped the warrant as unfounded. Ed totally called this one in comments.


Ed Rasimus said...

I don't mind the outcome, but I've read so many spy and conspiracy novels that I have tough time accepting that this is coincidence. If I had planned it I would have preferred an auto accident or choking to death on a pickled herring at a smorgasbord sponsored by the local Pacifists Club.

Six said...

I had the same thought Ed. My only question is how likely is it for the Swedes to be either taken in or be complicit in a frame up? You have a great deal more experience in international relations than I do.

jjet said...


Dismissed. As you would expect.

What's next:

An IRS investigation?

Heart attack in a hot tub?

Traffic accident?