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25 August 2010

General Cash

We've posted articles and writings from General Cash a few times here. General Cash is a patriot and committed to the restoration of America. The Sarge knows and corresponds with him (General Cash has given The Sarge permission to re-print all of his posts here) and we are always proud to feature his thoughts whenever he chooses to provide them to us.

This will be a two part post. General Cash today and Major General Paul Vallely tomorrow.

The Sarge

After taking time out to evaluate the depth of the out-of-control political situation we find ourselves in today, I have decided it really is time to "Stand-up America"!!! Political Correctness be damned. We are losing our country, and many of us have taken an oath not to let that happen.

Let us start with the Obama pledge to get out of Iraq and win the "RIGHT" war, his war, in Afghanistan. It seems he just can't get into the boring details of this war, so he is just going to let the Generals do it, as long as they are careful not to offend the Throne. Or, just maybe he is looking for someone to blame should it not work out. Well, the Generals are screwing it up also, and the proof of the pudding is more blood and treasure down the drain each day with little or nothing to show for it. Our current strategy is wrong!!! Will it take another 10 years for the American people to understand and demand a winning plan. Nation building will not work until victory is already won. Victory is impossible unless the civilian leaders of the nation decide that they truly want victory, and our leaders have not made that decision yet. Rules-of-Engagement (ROE) as defined in this theater are insane. Prosecution of young soldiers for killing the enemy is insane. Massive buildups as we have seen them in Iraq and Afghanistan are insane. I am literally up to my cheeks with the idea that we must appease the United Nations and the rest of the non-supportive world while Americans carry the bulk of the load in this war against animals. And, yes they are animals. I don't care to hear any more about the poor misunderstood Islamist who only want to either convert or kill the West.

So, what should we do? Read the following article carefully. It is written by my friend Paul Vallely, retired Army Major General, former Senior Military advisor to Fox News, and currently CEO of "Stand-Up America". He is spot on with his analysis of the
Afghanistan debacle, and he presents a new strategy for controlling this mismanaged region. Of course we must throw out many of the far-left imbeciles in the current Congress this November, along with the incompetence in the Whitehouse in 2012 to make a change like this happen. However, this is looking promising.

General Vallely suggests changing our operations from incountry costly bases and conventional massive force employment to smaller, actionable, combined force employment from friendly areas based outside the Area of Responsibility (AOR). He calls these smaller based special unit assignments "Lilly Pads". Our Special Operations would be capable of rapid employment from these Lilly Pads whenever the enemy presented a viable threat to the National Security of the United States of America, and not until then. They would meet the enemy with massive lethal force, which our current enemy understands. The slow, daily plodding and attempt at nation building that our soldiers experience today would come to an end. Our every move would be dedicated to a complete and decisive battlefield victory, then back to the pad.

Please read this great article, which was just released by Stand-Up America, and lets put some heat on the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress to force a change that will work.

Jim Cash
B/G, USAF, Ret.


www.WorldInfoCD.com said...

Great post.

I agree and am so frustrated with Congress and the White House.

I believe many Dem's will be voted out in November - as well as in 2012. Will Obama be voted out ? I hope so - but as mystified as I was that he was voted in - nothing would surprise me anymore.

It never ceases to amaze me what the general voting un-educated citizen will vote into office. It's been going on for a long time.


Six said...

I think Obama is a one termer. I have been wrong before but the electorate is stirred up to a level I have never seen before.

It has been going on for a long time. Too long. I subscribe to the vote them all out strategy. It's the only way to send the message the political class must receive.

Welcome, by the way. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You are always more than welcome here.