'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

26 August 2010

Guns And Coffee

I've been reading Fred at Guns and Coffee for a couple of weeks now and he's got a great blog. I've linked him on the Warrior Roll. He's also an extremely knowledgeable shooter and instructor. Fred gives some great advice on introducing new shooters to the sport that is a must read. Lagniappe's Guy has the same advice and he's put it in practice several times, most especially with his nephew. If more shooters followed their advice we'd see more newbies become hard core proponents of the shooting sports.

We've all seen the 'instructors' who act like drill sergeants. They lecture ad nauseum and yell when the introductee does the smallest thing wrong. Or the dad/husband/boyfriend who thinks it's perfectly fine to have his child/wife/girlfriend pulling the trigger on his 870 with slugs when they've never so much as fired a gun before. Seems to me to be more about stroking their own egos than honestly trying to convert a non-shooter.

Fred and Lagniappe's guy are dead on. I'm seriously considering taking one of my 10-22's and stenciling "Have Fun" on the stock just to remind me.



dick said...

I'm gonna teach Kelly to shoot/get used to guns again. (She had one pulled on her 10-12 years back and it left a mark)
We'll start with a pellet gun and work up to a .22.

Six said...

I always knew you were a smart man Dick. Although, a pellet in the ass stings something fierce so try not to irritate her.

Kanani said...

I'll have to go over there and look! How is your dog, by the way? Also, did you read the sad story about the veteran in Salt Lake City? The cops did what they had to do, but all in all, it's bittersweet doing the right thing.

Six said...

Thanks Kanani. Trooper is fading. We're at the stage where the question of when is being discussed. I fear it won't be long now but he's surprised me before.
That's the first I've seen of that story. That is a damn shame. Thanks for the heads up. I'll post about it today.

coltkitt said...

I`m new here and I`m just gussing that you are talking about the black lab when you all mentioned "Trooper". I`m a 2nd amendment rights vet and I also have a special place in my heart for dogs, especially labs. We lost our last lab "Luke" 7 yrs ago & I still miss that big galloot, he weighed apprx. 135 lbs so he wasn`t pure lab. He surprised us many times, first being hit by a car as a pup then at 2 yrs. old getting bitten by a rattler. He kept on going until his mentor "Buck", a pure lab, died then I think he finally gave up.