'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

16 January 2010

Six Rants Again!

Lu and I were talking today on the way out to our favorite bicycling road. I had made a comment about some of the blog arguments I had been reading between Right and Wrong...er, I mean Left. I've said it before but it bears repeating my stance.

I refuse to argue with the Demented Left. Having a 'discussion' with a true believer is akin to repeatedly whacking yourself on the bean with a sledge hammer. It's an exercise in futility and the efficacy of headache remedies. Modern liberalism is, in the immortal words of Michael Savage, a Mental Disease.

I love a good argument but the basic premise is that both sides must have at least a passing respect for each other if not the opposing argument. Or the opposing argument even if you despise your opponent.

I cannot argue with someone who refuses to listen and fashion a counter point based on what I have said rather than what they think I believe regardless of what I actually said. Make sense? Yet how many times have you, any of us, attempted to have a logical conversation with a rabid leftie? Can't be done.

Politics in this country has devolved to screaming matches where both sides attempt to 'win' the argument by shouting the other side into insensibility. I won't stoop to that level. I will tell anyone interested what I believe and think on a topic and welcome logical and reasoned dissenting discussion. As conservatives, all too often we have allowed ourselves to be dragged into pissing contests where there is no possibility of having a true exchange of thoughts and ideas. The problem is finding Logical and Reasoned on the left. Oh it exists but you have to search pretty damned hard to find any.

Don't let someone who thinks you can spend yourself into prosperity give you financial tips. Don't let a bully tell you how to spend your lunch money. Don't give your PIN number to a thief. Don't get in the car with a drunk. Don't try and have a conversation with a moron. If someone routinely flies around the world in a private jet, gets chauffered in a stretch limo and lives in a 10,000 square foot mansion don't let them tell you that you consume too much. If a person has a financial stake in global warming, chances are you should ignore their views on the topic. If you wouldn't take life advice from someone wearing a tinfoil hat why would you then engage them in an attempt at rational discourse? Don't try and teach the ineducable.

Simply nod your head and go on about your business. Loonies contribute nothing to society but heartburn, indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If your response to anything I say or write about begins with "But Bush (or Cheney, or Rush, or Rove or Whoever)..." and ends with "Get over it" or words to that effect, chances that we can have a meaningful dialog are pretty slim. Life is too short and my blood pressure is too high for me to engage in such futility. Trolling, whether in person on in blog comments, is masturbation and I'm not going to be a participant in your self abuse.

I have had a few good differences of opinion here and on other blogs I follow but you know what? In virtually every case the blogger was Conservative, Independent, Apolitical or something akin. All are open minded. Most are Christian, Jewish or Agnostic.

Want close minded? Pick a Democratic or Left Wing pundit and read. Especially the comments. Even better, try and get in a differing point of view. The ban hammer is wielded nowhere with a quicker hand than on a 'progressive' blog. Try and discuss Religion with an Athiest. Try to express a differing opinion on AGW with a proponent of Mother Earth. Try to explain the dietary benefits of meat consumption to a vegan. Just be prepared to be the recipient of every foul, vile epithet in the language with no attempt at persuasion. It's all about domination but baby, The Six cannot be intimidated. Just so you know.

If you're an opponent of what I believe and write on these pages I invite and appreciate your comments. Be reasoned, be logical and be polite. I promise I will never delete such. You have an open invitation here. Click on anyone in my blog roll and do the same. I am completely confident in saying you'll find we're of a like mind where it comes to differing opinions.

But if you're 'Anonymous' and you troll by here to drop a shit bomb and leave I will delete your snarky comments without a shred of remorse. You are everything I despise and I refuse to be a foil for your mental illnesses. If we're having a discussion and you think shouting and refusing to have a back and forth debate is the proper way to engage an opponent don't get all pissy when I walk away and ignore you. You haven't won, you've failed miserably. You don't want to convince me, you want to convince yourself that you're right.

I freely admit here and now that The Six isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. There are a LOT of people out there who are way smarter than I am. I read many of them and learn what I can. You'll find their links on my home page. I know some things as well as anyone on the planet. I am a subject matter expert on a variety of topics from Crime Prevention to SWAT Tactics to Police Public Education and Volunteerism to Firearms Instruction/Use Of force to Accident Reconstruction. I know some enough to have a considered opinion and can carry on a reasoned conversation. Some I am ignorant of completely but I know people I can ask (Hi DO!). The difference between me and the Idiot Left is that I can tell the difference and I know when to keep my mouth shut and listen.



Ed Rasimus said...

Here! Here! Bravo! Well said!

The Six said...

Thanks Ed. I appreciate it because you're one of those "people who are smarter than I am" I was talking about.

nanc said...

Ok - if six isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, I'll bet he sleeps next to her nightly!

The Six said...

Perceptive as always nanc. Lu truly is my better half. I also consider you in the same class as Ed. Not sucking up to either of you, just sayin'.

nanc said...

Senator Brown. Blue America has awakened.

And, don't you feel safe knowing you're sleeping next to the sharpest knife in YOUR drawer???

Ed Rasimus said...

During the great Southeast Asian Unpleasantness each fighter wing always seemed to point to the others has the guys doing the really tough job. Weasels looked at MiG-cappers who looked at chaff-layers who looked at bomb droppers who looked at illuminators, etc. So to in the blogging world. Smart don't feed the bull-dog. Hard work and common sense coupled with individual responsibility does that.

Welcome to the Regular Stops list at ThunderTales, nanc.