'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

10 January 2010


Just fired up the grill and managed to cook a beautiful tri tip. It was so good that me and Lu mostly finished the 2 and a half pounder off. With a little 4 legged help of course. I do love to cook meat with fire.

Getting ready to be a bachelor for a few days. Lu's heading off to the Utah house with a load on Tuesday so I'll be fending for myself until Friday. Well, fending for myself and 2 spoiled labs. I'm sure they'll be a lot of help so we should be good. Mmmmm pizza and cold cereal.

We're getting ready to move because I'm retiring in about 3 weeks. On February 5th I call it a career. 24 years as an officer. Add in almost 9 years in the military and I've been in one uniform or another for nearly 33 years. I find myself ambigious at best concerning my upcoming retirement. I'm happy but at the same time I love my job and I worked damn hard to get here. Essentially my whole life. But as one academy instructor told me so many years ago, when it's time to go it's time to go. It's time for me to go.

I'm going to indulge myself over the next 3 weeks and talk a bit about my career, how I got there, what I got to do and what's in store for The Six post retirement.

It'll be gripping. It'll be entertaining. It'll be a tale of love and crime and madness eclipsed only by the unforseen, twist ending.

Nah. Mostly it'll be the ramblings of an old fat guy.

But it'll be long. Real long.



Ed Rasimus said...

Leaving the suit in the closet will give you a distinctly empty feeling for several years after you leave the job. There will be a real feeling of suddently becoming an outsider; one of "them" rather than one of "us". I guess that's why we go to reunions.

The Six said...

Thanks for weighing in Ed. My fears exactly. The empty feeling is already beginning to manifest itself. I know I need to find an outlet for this side of my personality but I'm trying to cut the strings as completely as I can. We'll see.

nanc said...


Having worked in the administrative end of law enforcement for a huge agency in californistan - I cannot wait to read about your exploits!

The Six said...

Thanks nanc. It'll be true. No embellishments (cough, cough). I swear!