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27 January 2010

A Criminal Is A Criminal

By now you've undoubtedly heard that James O'Keefe, he of ACORN ass reaming fame, has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly attempting to wire tap a U.S.Senator's office. Michelle Malkin has a good take and links to the FBI's affidavit.


As far as I'm concerned a criminal is a criminal. If you don't like a law attempt to get it changed but do not take the law into your own hands. O'Keefe is a punk glory hound who got caught up in his fifteen minutes and decided he was the latest incarnation of Woodward and Bernstein. He's not.

What he is is a pathetic excuse of a human being who decided it was perfectly acceptable to try and bug a U.S. Senator's office. I mean, what the hell were you thinking Jimmy boy? Did you really think this was acceptable behavior? Did you imagine, somewhere in your fantasy addled dreams that you wouldn't get caught eventually?

What, were you drunk? A little high on goofballs maybe?

Mister O'Keefe is missing exactly what so many liberal politicians and pundits lack.
Ethics. Let me break it down for ya there Jimmy. It's like someone coming into your home or office and rifling through your stuff without a search warrant. It's bad boy. Real bad. It's what the MSM does when they tell lies about what their favorite politician is or isn't doing and covers up the misdeeds of groups like, oh say ACORN. It's an ethical lapse, though yours has the added benefit of being a felony.

Jimmy has sold his credibility for a shortcut. He's done, even after he gets out of federal prison. What future he once had, and it sure looked pretty damn bright, was flushed down the toilet along with his honor and his name.

Pathetic and intolerable.

So I am hereby consigning you to the crapper of history boy. May you enjoy swimming with the rest of the turds.



Anonymous said...

You are so right. What a numb nuts.


nanc said...

To go and ruin any credibility he may have had exposing ACORN is unacceptable. Yes, a turd, indeed.

Daphne said...

Agreed, Six.