'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

20 January 2010

The People's Seat

By now everyone in the country has heard the results of the Massachusetts election. Contrary to the history and demography of that state, Republican Brown won and the dems lost.

Others have covered it better than I can. Go to the blog roll and visit Ed, nanc or some of the other sharp political minds and read their insights. I do have my own take.

A while back Ed over at http://thundertales.blogspot.com/and I argued about my leaving the Republican Party and becoming an Independent. I am now ready to admit Ed was right. The elections in Virginia and New Jersey made me re-consider and now this election has made up my mind. I will return to the GOP fold. Why?

I'm doing it because I now see the impact of the Tea Party on the Republicans. For the first time in a very long time I heard a Republican talk about The People. The People's Seat. Those are powerful words that should resonate with anyone who considers themselves, not just conservative, but American. The People's Seat is what American politics is supposed to be. I still get a small shiver down my spine every time I hear those words.

Brown ran as a conservative, not liberal lite. He made no apologies and ran on the issues. And won. Convincingly and in a State where Republicans are out registered by dems 3 to 1. Incredible hardly does justice to this accomplishment.

This is exactly what the Tea party adherents have been begging for. Simple, conservative common sense. American values on proud display. Presented in such a way that The People could clearly see the message and not the messenger.

This is not about Senator elect Brown. This is about returning to core American principals and everything that made this country great.

Obama and the dems have ignored the message since last summer. They're still in denial. That's because liberals are in love with personalities, not substance. They missed the Tea Party message and it cost them dearly. Brown clearly did not.

Only time will tell if the rest of the Republican politicians out there also got the message. If so, and if they run as Brown did, then I think it's safe to say that 2010 will see a return to conservative government. If not, if Republicans ignore the movement and return to a defeatist mindset where only watered down liberal policies are seen as the winning strategy, then the end of The Republic we have feared for the last year or more will come to pass.

Take heed Republicans. This is the path to victory and a return to Freedom. Ignore this lesson at our peril.

Hence, my return to the Republican Party. Though I left the party, I never left the cause. I am now convinced the Party has returned to us. For my Tea Party brothers and sisters out there, I urge you to join me. The movement has been heard and a murthering great battle has been won but the war remains.

On this day I am more hopeful than I have been since November 2008.

The People's Seat indeed. Congratulations Senator Brown. We will be watching you. Do not let us down.



nanc said...

Now, may the good people of Massachussetts keep him honest!

The Six said...

Amen nanc.