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23 May 2014

Press Conference. The New Pistol - An Unexpected Eating Exercise

Ok. So I finally made a freaking decision about both my competition pistol and a replacement for my venerable and now retired Sig P226.

For those who missed it I finally put the 226 back in the safe. Made in West Germany she's now pushing hard on 30 years old. She's tired, starting to break down and has earned an honorable rebuild and quiet retirement. That left me stuck. I needed both a replacement and a new competition gun.

But before I unveil the new gun let's go back in time a few weeks to the pistol class I took with Ron Avery. That 3 day, 1500 round shoot-a-palooza that saw changes in both my stance and grip. Turns out I also experienced a sea change in attitude as well. In that course I started to finally see and feel the limitations of the 226. High bore axis. It's heavy, the DA first shot is slower than SA or striker and it's just getting old. I also figured out a grip that will let me shoot pretty much any handgun I pick up with increased speed and accuracy. A worthy learning experience that opened what I thought was a closed door. Ok. Ready? Here it is.

Yep. It's my Glock 35. The same one I've had for about, oh, 7 years or so. The same one I said I was done shooting and gave to Lu. Well, I took it back. (It was a struggle but I claimed victory when she got distracted. I told her that the eggs she had on the stove had exploded. When she went to look I snatched it and ran away laughing maniacally. Win!)

Now, now. Settle down back there unless you want me top have the bailiff clear the room and start whacking pee-pees. Yes, I know what I said a bare few months ago. That I didn't like the Glock and was going exclusively to the Sig because I just liked and shot it better. I may have referred to the Glock as a steaming pile unworthy of my exalted touch but I've now evolved on this issue and have acquired a better appreciation of what the Glock brings to the table. Think this is bad? Wait for the other shoe. Here's my replacement for the Sig P226.

That's a brand spanking new Gen 3 Glock 17. I picked it up today. It's about the same size as the Sig, weighs quite a bit less and is about half the price. I paid $499.00 for this example. The mags are cheaper, hold 2 extra rounds without an extension and are available even at Frank's Bait and Tackle (serving the greater Anal Point area since 1973). It's rugged, dependable and I couldn't care less about it so long as it goes bang when I want it to. I can use it for both carry and the occasional match. I'll probably shoot a bit of USPSA Production with it as well as some 3 Gun. The holster and mag carriers from the G35 fit it as nearly perfectly as one could wish. Plus you know what an obsessive compulsive slob I am about platform compatibility. I tend to want all the guns I shoot regularly to conform as closely as possible. Cheap cost, simple easy upgrades, rugged construction and frankly I don't give a crap about beating on them unmercifully.

So. This is my answer at present. I still think there may be a CZ in my future for Production at least but for now I'm satisfied. Now I can stop shopping and get back to some serious training.

Ok, the floor is now open to questions. Yes, you in the back?

Iqbal Nudnick with The Tactical Timmy Times. Does this mean you've become a Glock Fanboy? Will we now see you on the Glock Forum exclaiming to all the world that Glock is the shiznit and that anyone who doesn't shoot a Glock is an encephalitic retard who needs his hand held when going number 2? Will you now tease your erstwhile buddies on the Sig Forum about bore height, cost and how even their team shooters don't actually shoot Sigs?

No. Stop asking me that! I love my Sigs and I always will. It's not Sig, it's me.

But didn't you say, just a bare few weeks ago, that Sig was the only intelligent answer and that you wouldn't touch a Glock with Gecko 45s paste smeared fingers?

I don't think I went quite that far...

I believe you once referred to Glock shooters as short bus riders who better understood the taste of window snoz than what a modern pistol consisted of.

I never said that! Besides, as I believe I mentioned earlier, my position on this subject has evolved over time. I'm much kinder and gentler than I was in my misspent youth, way last month...

Were you wrong then or are you wrong now? How can we, your trusted and dog like devoted followers, believe anything you now say if your opinion can change so drastically over a few short days? How can we be sure Glock didn't just pay you to switch to their product? After all I believe it was you who once threatened to fly to Europe and cram a Glock up a certain Austrian engineers 4th point of contact so far all he'd taste for the rest of his life would be CLP, abject failure and shame.

That was a joke. I was just kidding. Totally. The restraining order ended last week. As a world famous and fabulously wealthy Blogging Gun Idol to millions I am well aware of my responsibilities when it comes to my opinions on all things firearm and competition related. Let me be clear here. I did not and will not accept gratuities in exchange for a positive review of any manufacturers product. (This is an out and out lie. I will so totally do that. Contact me. Please wear a dress. A blue one.) I swear.

But, the children. Aren't you concerned about the children. Why won't anyone think of the children!? By the way. How do you like your Ebon Avian prepared? Deep fried, sauteed with butter or just wolf it down raw?

That's it! End of the press conference! Everyone get the fudge out!

This press conference brought to you by Missed It By A Mile Inc. (an Embarrassment Foods Group Company), purveyors of the finest Crow Meat products on Earth. Remember, if it doesn't say Embarrassment you're not eating Crow!


Rev. Paul said...


Six said...

Thanks Rev.! I stand abashed.

Glock. Who woulda thunk?

Keads said...

Heh, A serviceable pistol to be sure. Congrats. Rule one for a gun is to paraphrase Tam: "If you put your boogerhook on the boom switch it better go BOOM!" It will do that! Oh, did I mention I'm a Glock certified Armorer =)

Aaron said...

This post is awesomeness covered in awesome sauce.

Having been a Glockaholic now in recovery after imbibing the S&W M&P kool-aid, I applaud your excellent choice.

Good luck and good shooting.

Murphy's Law said...

A Glock? Really? Sigh....

Six said...

Thanks Kelly. Be ready for some questions. Sights, trigger.... You're gonna end up blocking my e-mail account!

Thank you Aaron. I shot an M&P Tuesday at a steel match and it ended up almost changing my mind. The final point was the compatibility between the 17 and 35. Not perfect but near enough to convince me to stick with one brand. I'm shooting the 35 in a multi gun tomorrow.

I know, right ML? Me? A Glock? It was a tough decision but weighing all the benefits and downfalls of most of the current competition practical pistols the Glocks were the clear choice. The good news is that Ron Avery had a direct impact on that just from what I picked up in his class. (He shoots a 1911 but you know what I mean. Don't kill me Ron.) The only other real choice was a Sig X-5 and I just don't have the wherewithal at the moment to plunk down better than 2 grand on a competition only hand gat. Maybe next year.

I used to be known as 'That guy. You know, the outlaw (dumbass) who shoots a Sig in 3 Gun.' Now I'm just another Glock shooter.

Sigh. I need a cookie.

Murphy's Law said...

I can't knock too much I have four or five Glocks floating around here somewhere myself.

Funny thing is, I never set out to buy them. They just seem to multiply every time I close the gun safe door. They're like tupperware rabbits or something.

Six said...

Tupperware Rabbits. Heh. You need to copyright that! I'll keep them separate until I'm ready for more. Glock 35 and 17? Maybe they'll have a 42!!

Monkeywrangler said...

Nah, M&P FTW!


Old NFO said...

LOL, welcome to the dark side... Take a hard look at the G19 also... Just sayin... And I G34 will do everything you need in the same form factor and ammunition commonality with the 17...

Six said...

It was close MW! It was very close. If it hadn't been for already owning a G35 I think I'd have a Pro right now.

Thanks NFO. Do you have cookies? I think the 19 is next. I do need something a bit smaller for everyday carry where the 17 is a bit too big. I wavered on the 34 but came down on the side of the 17 only because it's a little more flexible and is a more direct replacement for the P226. If I decide to add another competition pistol it will definitely be a 34.