'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

04 May 2014

Sunday Kipling

I'm late again today. I ended up shooting a USPSA match yesterday and last night I was beat.

I shot production with the Sig. Finished second and shot 91% of the winning score. Not too bad but I lost nearly 8 seconds per stage (there were 5) and only hung with him because I was more accurate than he was.

The Sig has gone into the safe as her newest Queen. The firing pin retaining rush pin is failing and coming out. Started last weekend at the class and continued into yesterday. I'll fix her but the fact is she's over 30 years old. 30 years of hard use and many, many thousands of rounds fired. It's time to retire the old girl.

That said I think I'm about to commit a sacrilege and do something I swore I wouldn't do; buy and start competing with a striker fired gun. I shot Lu's XDm 5.25 for the last 2 days and 1000 rounds of the class and the simple fact is I'm faster and just as accurate with it as the Sig. Plus it's lighter. I'm going to shoot the big 3 Gun match this weekend with it and then start putting in some serious time with the Glock35. Then we'll see.

Lu is good and Angus shows improvement literally by the day. He's still swimming most every day and we've started lengthening out the walkies. Joy!

I bought a new toy today, a sonic case cleaner. It's running beside me as I type this. A write up later. Also, MW asked for more details on my shotgun reloading setup. I'll get another post with video showing the specifics on my gear and reloading systems soonest. 

I recently had a situation where I felt the sure and certain hand of God in my life. It was as if he was smacking me behind the head and telling me to start paying attention and doing those things he wants me to do. It was intensely moving and more than a little sobering. I won't go in to the specifics but it was something I dearly needed. Remember to stop and listen. Look for the signs and wonders of God around you each and every day. They're there I promise you. Chances are good he's trying to tell you something and it's probably something you need and should heed. It was for me. It has strengthened my testimony and reinforced my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All my love and friendship to each and every one of you.

Chartres Windows

COLOUR fulfils where Music has no power:
   By each man's light the unjudging glass betrays 
All men's surrender, each man's holiest hour
   And all the lit confusion of our days-
Purfled with iron, traced in dusk and fire, 
   Challenging ordered Time who, at the last,
   Shall bring it, grozed and leaded and wedged fast, 
   To the cold stone that curbs or crowns desire. 
Yet on the pavement that all feet have trod-
   Even as the Spirit, in her deeps and heights, 
Turns only, and that voiceless, to her God-
   There falls no tincture from those anguished lights. 
And Heaven's one light, behind them, striking through 
Blazons what each man dreamed no other knew.


Brigid said...

I love these posts and am glad you continue to do them on Sunday. My best to you and Lu.

Six said...

Thanks Brigid. You'll know there's something badly wrong when I miss one :)

Our best to you and your beloved as well.

Old NFO said...

Keep it up, and thanks for the update on Angus and Lu!

Six said...

Thanks brother!