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24 May 2014

June ePostal Match - Steampunk Edition - Courtesy Of Brigid And Partner

Brigid and Partner are hosting the ePostal Match for June vice Mr. Completely while he's recovering from surgery (A quick visit to his site and well wishes would not be out of line I am given to understand).

Stop by Brigid's here for the details. It looks like a blast. I'm in and I may even convince Lu to shoot it with me.

Now as to firearm. I'm thinking about sniveling at Brigid for a Multi Gun division. 4 Targets, 10 shots. 5 pistol and 5 rifle. I'll shoot it with my normal 3 Gun gear; AR with 1x4 optic and Glock 35 with irons. I'd try to weasel in shotgun but that might seem like cheating :)

Come on. It's a great excuse for some practice time and a tribute to Mr. Completely who could probably use a lift at the moment. Let's make this the best ePostal match evah! I'll even post my target here as well as sending it in to Partner for official scoring.

1 comment:

Keads said...

Excellent! I hope I will have time to do the same.