'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

11 May 2014

Sunday Kipling

Sorry for the delay today. I just finished a very tough 3 Gun match. Two days and ten stages. I even managed to almost fall off the 10 foot platform. Almost. I should have posted this last night but I was beat and trying to recover for today. We just got home and after a shower, a cold beverage and some Ibuprofen I may even survive.

Lu did the range monkey thing and was just generally the awesome woman that she is. Couldn't do it without her. I managed to finish around mid pack and got some match experience in some stuff that I'm going to need to be able to do. My shotgun loads were very good but my pistol was off. Still trying to adjust to the Glock. I don't think it's the answer but time will tell. I loaded the .40 pistol ammo for the match and it performed very well. 4 grains of 231 over a CCI small pistol primer and a 180 grain Berry's. I was happy.

Angus was forced into durance vile since it was too hot to take him with us. Did I mention that we had a thunder, lightning, rain and wind storm last night? It snowed in Cedar City just 50 miles north of us. In May.

I hope you all had as great a weekend as we did. Hug your best friend and kiss the one you love best. From Lu, Angus and I may God's blessings find you today and every day.


(Infantry Columns)
We're foot--slog--slog--slog--sloggin' over Africa 
Foot--foot--foot--foot--sloggin' over Africa 
(Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up and down again!)
  There's no discharge in the war!

Seven--six--eleven--five--nine-an'-twenty mile to-day 
Four--eleven--seventeen--thirty-two the day before 
(Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up and down again!)
  There's no discharge in the war!

Don't--don't--don't--don't--look at what's in front of you.
(Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up an' down again);
Men--men--men--men--men go mad with watchin' em,
  An' there's no discharge in the war!

Try--try--try--try--to think o' something different 
Oh--my--God--keep--me from goin' lunatic!
(Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up an' down again!)
  There's no discharge in the war!

Count--count--count--count--the bullets in the bandoliers.
If--your--eyes--drop--they will get atop o' you!
(Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up and down again) 
  There's no discharge in the war!

We--can--stick--out--'unger, thirst, an' weariness,
But--not--not--not--not the chronic sight of 'em 
Boot--boots--boots--boots--movin' up an' down again,
  An' there's no discharge in the war!

'Taint--so--bad--by--day because o' company,
But night--brings--long--strings--o' forty thousand million
Boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up an' down again.
  There's no discharge in the war!

I--'ave--marched--six--weeks in 'Ell an' certify
It--is--not--fire--devils, dark, or anything,
But boots--boots--boots--boots--movin' up an' down again,
  An' there's no discharge in the war!

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