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16 April 2014

Angus At The Swimming Hole

It's time for some more Angus pictures. These are from his second rehab swim the other day.

"Stop messing with me old man. Put down the camera and let's go swimming!"

Trooper hated swimming. Chrisi loved it but only if there was something to retrieve waiting at the other end. But Angus? He just loves to swim.

He'll head out, swim around for a minute then come back. He scans the pond for a bit...

"What's that!?"  

And head back out. If you look closely you'll see a duck he sighted. He figured it needed some personal attention. Hey, maybe he wants to play amiright? It let him get to within a few feet before taking off in a hurricane of wings, splashing feet and angry quacks.

He ended up chasing him all the way across the pond. He kept looking back at me as if to say "Hey, this is where you shoot that thing ain't it? C'mon pal, give me a little help here." Angus is that tiny black speck you can just see way out there. It a makes my heart sing every time does that.

Angus really enjoys his swimming. We're trying to get him out to the pond every day for a session. It helps a lot. The cold water gives him relief and the act of swimming builds up his muscles and stretches everything out. It also lets his muscles and connective tissue 'remember' their proper paths. It's low impact and excellent exercise, especially when rehabbing. He comes out of the water running and walking better each time.

Time. We're back at that point. All we can do is provide him with the environment he needs and wait for the rehab to take it's course. The results are encouraging and we're praying this is the last time. All we want at this point is for him to be pain free and as close to normal as possible. The antibiotic courses are done so now it's all down to exercise and time. Patience. I am learning some.


Murphy's Law said...

Yay, Angus! And swimming is excellent K9 rehab. He's looking good.

Rev. Paul said...

I hope everything continues to go well; looking good so far!

Monkeywrangler said...

Hooray for Angus! I'd be worried about losing him across the pond. I love how he went after that duck. A true Retriever.

Brighid said...

Angus is getting on with his healing in the shadow of those who love him best. Can't ask for more.