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07 April 2014

Match Photos

I promised pics. I'm extra late so by way of an apology I put up a bunch.

This is from the Berry's Bullets Steel Open. I shot with staff on Thursday so I could RO the match on Saturday and Sunday. It was great fun.

Shooting the plate rack through the barrel. Notice I'm rocking some awesome red shoes.

Some of those plates were awfully small...

The Texas Star. As you shoot off the plates the thing begins to rotate back and forth.

Behind that railroad tie is some small steel plates. You had to shoot under the beam. Plus there's a swinger that rotates a no shoot target in front of the plates. It was lovely.

Locked on target like an old, slow, fat cruise missile.

Strong hand only.

And weak hand only. It was a challenging match.

I love the shoot house. Started outside and then went in for the rest of the string. This started the Par Time stages where you had X seconds to shoot as many targets as you could. Hosing with style baby!

I was rockin' the patriotic shirt. Guns, competition and America FTW!!

Picture proof that I can still squat. A little.

The hoser stages were a blast. Set 'em up and knock 'em down as fast as you could go.

We had several Steel Challenge stages. 5 steel targets with the fifth being the stop plate where your time stopped. 5 runs and throw out the slowest time. Short, easy, simple and fun. I like them.

Surrender start. The stages got progressively harder with the targets getting smaller and further away. Want some real fun? Try these with a red dot .22 rifle. Awesome!

Lu getting stylish with the camera. Do you even operate Bro?

These guys get awful serious. That guy behind me came down from Washington to shoot this match. He's like a batter on deck taking practice swings. Yeah, he beat me.

The Sig ran well all day. I had one feed issue I'm pretty sure was a magazine problem. I'm going to order some Mec-Gars to replace my Pro Mags. Grip is coming along nicely though. I didn't drop a single DA shot in the entire match.

14 stages in 12 bays. We shot the entire match in 7 hours. These were some very motivated folks and great shooters. I learn stuff each and every time out. It was an awesome match and I had a great time. Plus fifth in Production against some top quality shooters! My finish was good enough to get me into B Class (67 percent and change) and that ain't too shabby considering. Lu came along as my range monkey and photographer. No video but I'm looking at a Go Pro. Time to up my level of commitment to the next stage.

Next match is the Southwest MultiGun 3 Gun match in May. I have a rifle class in June (that someone as yet unnamed is coming out to join me at. Yay!) with one of the finest 3 Gun competitors in the business. There may be a 2 gun later this month but only maybe. Until then it's practice, practice, practice. In fact I got in some loading work with the shotgun today. The goal is to be able to load at the rate of 1 shell per second (minimum). I'm just over that at around 1.25 per shotshell using dual loads. Plus losing that last 20 pounds or so. Sigh.

I'm on track for December. So far. We shall see.


Murphy's Law said...

Not looking too bad there, fella. Not too bad at all.

So how's Angus?

Six said...

Thanks ML.

He's good. We got his stitches out today so at least those pink things are gone. Now we're back to swimming and doing general rehab. Again.

Rev. Paul said...

Looks like fun. Gonna have to try that someday. And glad to hear that Angus is doing well, too.

Brighid said...

YeeHaw, you rocked it! Good to hear Angus is healing and doing his PT. All Good.

Old NFO said...

Outstanding! The practice IS paying off!

Monkeywrangler said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun, Six! I need more practice on 2 sec drills and failure to stop drills.

I hope to take some more training from the good folks at HiTS this year, too.

And I sure hear you on those 20#. I need to get my backside back in gear and riding!

Six said...

It was Rev. If you get the chance I heartily recommend it. It's so much fun it should be outlawed. Oh wait...

Thanks Brighid! I'm finally starting to think of myself as a competitor. More Angus pics coming.

Thanks NFO. It feels like it. The more I practice and dry fire the surer my shooting is and the easier the matches become. The only remaining question is will it be enough? Time will tell :)

I did MW. I can't wait for the big 3 Gun match next month. I know what you mean on the drills. There's always something. At least the weather is turning so maybe we can both get back in the saddle. I need those pounds gone soonest! Maybe we need a general weight loss challenge amongst the blog group for anyone who needs to drop a few?? I'd be in.