'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

10 April 2014

I Am An American Gun Owner

I'm not going to link to the madness we all saw recently, The Ft. Hood shooting and the mass stabbing incident at the Pennsylvania high school, but I do want to talk about it because it will happen again.

Take a minute and read this open letter to Congress written by Lt. Patrick Cook, one of those who was terrorized by the Ft. Hood shooter and saw a fellow soldier die. It's riveting and the message inescapable.

The real question is when is it enough? How much innocent blood is sufficient for those who bathe in it and revel in deaths of the disarmed and helpless? Because Lt.Cook is absolutely right. It will happen again.

I'm not saying everyone should be armed. There are many who don't for their own personal reasons and those who just don't have what it takes to go around with a gun on their hip. I get that and have no issues with them because it's a choice. One that should be a part of every American's life. But to take away that choice from those of us who can and want to is to set us all up for more of the same. Death, tragedy and horror and all of it preventable.

Here's a clue for all those out there who clamor for more gun control and outright gun bans. Ready?

There is no such thing as a Gun Free Zone. Period.

Except in the minds of the delusional or those with visions of absolute statist control. There are only those areas where lawful carry by lawful citizens going about their lawful daily lives is unlawful and they may not possess the lawful means of protection for self and other citizens. You can call them Victim Disarmament Zones or Criminal Protection Zones or anything you like but the hard, cold truth is that there are simply no areas anywhere in these United States where you can guarantee that a criminal will never bring a gun or the means to kill or wound as many innocents as he can reach. It's not possible short of an absolute police state and not even then. Difficult does not equal impossible.

There are guns in the world and will be right up until either the Second Coming or the heat death of the world (depending on your religious views. I favor the first but that's just me). We can join hands and sing Kumbaya until the cows come home but it won't change a thing. And please spare me the whole "It has to start somewhere" nonsense. It doesn't have to start somewhere and preaching that idiocy is akin to lining up the entirety of the unarmed populace at the doors of the abattoir and saying 'so long and thanks for playing.'

Folks, there is evil in the world and that evil is armed. Asking the good, no, forcing the good to be at a constant disadvantage in the arms race is just another face of that evil. It is monstrous and intolerable. Those who champion universal disarmament are creating an underclass of people who are nothing more than potential statistics waiting for the inevitable.

We're seeing the proof literally every day. Those states that loosen the onus of personal defense carry are experiencing downturns in violent crime, especially murder, while the incidences of justifiable homicides by those otherwise at risk are rising. Look at Detroit and it's pro gun police chief if you doubt me. Women are the fastest growing segment of the shooting industry. Gee, I wonder why that is?

Gun Control advocates, and especially those who push the Gun Free Zone myth, are the very face of evil in this country. They have set the stage for every mass killing we experience and an unholy large number of murders and great bodily injury assaults. They have no excuses and deserve no mercy. It is not the gun in one's hand it is the evil in one's heart and those who would take away the means for the preservation of innocent life merit no less than those who committed the act. I detest them to the very depths of my soul and denounce them all as the murderous would be tyrants they are. Strong language? Yep. No less true for that.

I am a gun owner, a shooter and an American. I will not lay down my arms until the day I die. I know those on the anti gun side wish (and plan) for that occurrence but today is not that day. Today I will contemplate my role as protector, as champion for those who have voluntarily chosen not to take up arms or who, for whatever reason, cannot. For the weak and the innocent and the helpless. I will reaffirm my vow and my oath and I will see to my body and my weapons that I will ever be ready to preserve and defend. Because evil walks the face of the earth and no amount of hand wringing, laws or intentions will alter that in even the smallest way. I am an American Gun Owner.

I will remember the ones who died in the name of elitism and control and most especially those who set the stage for their untimely and horrific demise. Oh yes, I will remember. They have reset that stage over and over and over again. The next one is out there, right now, just waiting in the shadows like that great beast thirsting for blood and death and destruction. I reject him and all his works utterly and name his adherents as my bitter enemies.

And when it does I pray it happens within my reach because I am an American Gun Owner. The lives of my countrymen, indeed the life of America herself are within my purview. I am responsible for them and to them. No more innocent lives.

No. More.



Monkeywrangler said...

Well said, Six. Well said! I hope and pray I never have to use a firearm in defense of others or of self, but if such a situation arises, I WILL be prepared.

Rev. Paul said...

Excellently done, sir! I'm linking to this.

TinCan Assassin said...

IIRC, isn't "Weapons Free" a military term used to order the troops to go hot and engage targets of opportunity?

Gun Free Zone is a zone telling criminals to go Weapons Free...

Stephen said...

Wonderful...no truer words.

Brighid said...

Well done Sir, well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

Good job Six! "Keep calm, and carry on(e)." regards, Alemaster

Lee from La said...

Great article. We feel the same in La

Six said...

Thanks for weighing in MW, Rev. Paul, Tin Can, Stephen, Brighid, Alemaster and Lee. When I talked about me as being an American Gun Owner I was talking about you as well. I hesitated before writing this, I tend to get a bit heated on this subject and I'm pleased it was taken well. I wanted to speak for all of us and I hope I did. Thank you so much for the support and positive responses!!

Old NFO said...

Concur with all, it's becoming more and more apparent 'we' may have to step up.