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27 April 2014

Paws for Patriots

Bumped again for a good cause. The organization has extended the deadline for the walk-a-thon funds, and our group is only $263 from being able to name a puppy in honor of a fallen warrior.  If you had considered donating, and thought the time was past, we would love to have your support now!

Hello all, DO here.  It's been a long time since I've written but I have a worthy topic for today: Paws for Patriots.
So many of you here know the love and joy that a faithful pup can bring, and many, I'm sure, are aware of the therapeutic talents of our canine friends.  Paws for Patriots seeks to use those special canine abilities to help veterans, both physically and emotionally.  Paws provides several types of dogs ranging from guide dogs, to therapy dogs for those with PTSD, and facility dogs that visit those in the hospital.

Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon My husband (AFSon) is currently raising money for a Walk-a-Thon that supports Southeastern Guide Dogs, an organization that depends solely on donations to raise and train dogs for Paws.  We truly felt that this community here would know of the amazing ability for dogs to help heal broken hearts, and so if you feel called to, we would love to invite you to donate.

There are many ways in the world to help those that are doing good, and this is simply one.  There is no obligation, no worries, just the chance to help.  Thanks all.

~The DO


Brigid said...

I will go check it out. Thanks (and thanks to your son). I love your new header, by the way.

Murphy's Law said...

Sounds like a good cause for this year's blog shoot. And A+ to your son. But then we can see where he gets it.

Six said...

Count your Mom and me in for a donation.

Jennifer said...

Very cool!

Monkeywrangler said...

I've got some expenses coming up this month, but will see if I can shake free a donation. Is it better to donate directly to SE Guide Dogs, or to AFSon's walkathon?

The DO said...

Thank you guys for supporting us in this! I knew I could count on you:)

Monkey, all funds for the walk-a-thon go directly to the organization, and we are going through their system for donations, so it ends up being a direct support for them, if that makes sense! If you decide you have something to spare, both options get you to the same place. The walk-a-thon just makes it easier to donate:)

Old NFO said...

Thanks for teh link, heading over to check it out.

Monkeywrangler said...

Thank you for bumping this Six and jogging my defective memory. I will get you a donation out like we talked about previously, on Friday (payday).