'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

27 April 2014

Sunday Kipling

I'm prepping for the last day of class early this morning so this will be a short post.

Class is going Ok. It's tough to imprint new skills after such a long lifetime of old ones but I persevere.

Angus is making good strides and rehab goes well. I'll try and get some new pics or even a video up.

Lu is good. Even loaned me her beloved XDm when my Sig went down. More on that later but take this as a strong reminder to check your gear. Frequently.

Have a great Sunday my friends. Remember who you are and don't let the bastards get you down. We win in the end. Never forget that, not even for a second.

For all the dog lovers out there. We are their entire world. And as for the cat in the last line. I'm looking at you here Murphy...

Supplication of the Black Aberdeen

I PRAY! My little body and whole span
Of years is Thine, my Owner and my Man. 
For Thou hast made me unto Thee I owe 
This dim, distressed half soul that hurts me so, 
Compact of every crime, but, none the less, 
Broken by knowledge of its naughtiness. 
Put me not from Thy Life 'tis all I know. 
If Thou forsake me, whither shall I go?

Thine is the Voice with which my Day begins: 
Thy Foot my refuge, even in my sins.
Thine Honour hurls me forth to testify 
Against the Unclean and Wicked passing by. 
(But when Thou callest they are of Thy Friends, 
Who readier than I to make amends?)
I was Thy Deputy with high and low
If Thou dismiss me, whither shall I go?

I have been driven forth on gross offence 
That took no reckoning of my penitence. 
And, in my desolation faithless me!
Have crept for comfort to a woman's knee! 
Now I return, self drawn, to meet the just 
Reward of Riot, Theft and Breach of Trust. 
Put me not from Thy Life though this is so. 
If Thou forsake me, whither shall I go? 

Into The Presence, flattening while I crawl
From head to tail, I do confess it all.
Mine was the fault deal me the stripes but spare 
The Pointed Finger which I cannot bear!
The Dreadful Tone in which my Name is named, 
That sends me 'neath the sofa frill ashamed! 
(Yet, to be near Thee, I would face that woe.) 
If Thou reject me, whither shall I go?

Can a gift turn Thee? I will bring mine all
My Secret Bone, my Throwing Stick, my Ball. 
Or wouldst Thou sport? Then watch me hunt awhile, 
Chasing, not after conies, but Thy Smile,

Content, as breathless on the turf I sit, 
Thou shouldst deride my little legs and wit
Ah! Keep me in Thy Life for a fool's show! 
If Thou deny me, whither shall I go? 

Is the Dark gone? The Light of Eyes restored? 
Thy Countenance turned meward, O my Lord? 
The Paw accepted, and for all to see
The Abject Sinner throned upon the Knee? 
The Ears bewrung, and Muzzle scratched because 
He is forgiven, and All is as It was? 
Now am I in Thy Life, and since 'tis so
That Cat awaits the Judgment. May I go?


Monkeywrangler said...

That's another good one Six! Hope class goes well today.

Old NFO said...

Great one, and glad to hear the class is paying off!!!