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18 May 2013

Redneck Engineering

With apologies to my buddy TheRedneckEngineer.

While driving out for our first MTB ride of the year (more on that later) Lu and I saw this and we just had to get a picture. It was mounted firmly so definitely not something he was 'just transporting for a friend'.
I know this area is called Utah's Dixie but come on. Though it does look like something I'd do. Car Guy would kill me of course.



Paladin said...

Hey... its like a lil' porch!

Blue said...

Yep, drop the tailgate and raise the hatch... That's actually pretty good thinking. I like it! :)

Stephen said...

Everyone needs a bumper cover.

RabidAlien said...

If you can't get a 4x8 piece of drywall fully inside your truck's bed....well...your truck is too short. Might as well drive a Prius.

Brighid said...

Makes sense to me... one would crack one's head on the over hang so one didn't break one's shin on that dang trailer hitch...lol

Six said...

Exactly Paladin!

Takes Tailgating to a whole new level Blue.

Can't let it get all rusty and stuff Stephen.

That's exactly what Car Guy says RA!

With all my head injuries I might not even notice Brighid!

Theredneckengineer said...

I approve of this post title, given the content.

Six said...

Thanks Redneck!!