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18 May 2013

It's Someone's Birthday

Hi! My name is Angus and I'm two years old today. Hurray!!

Mommy and Daddy says we're going on a hike and then swimming and then Ice Cream!!!!! I'll be back later to tell you how my day went.


Hey, I'm back! We started the day with a nice cake. Mommy and Daddy don't want me eating too much icing so they made it out of canned dog food. Yay!!I love canned dog food, especially when it's shaped like a cake. And everything!

They sang some kind of song but I really think they were just teasing me. Plus I didn't get to blow out the candles! Poop!

Eventually they did let me eat it and it was extra yummy. The melted wax was my absolutest favorite part!

I didn't get a party because my Girl Child wasn't here to plan one. Maybe next year! I did get to go on a nice hike at my favorite place. I haven't been there since my Owie. It was so much fun you guys. Seriously! Daddy says it was two and a half miles, whatever that means. For those of us who understand it was four drinks long. Hurray!!

Then, best of all, OhJoyOhJoyOhJoyOhJoy I got ice cream!!! Double Hurray and Yay!! I even got the big boy cone this year because now I'm a big boy. And everything!

I got to eat it right down to the crunchy part. It was soooo good! I love ice cream you guys. Seriously!

Then we went home for a nice nap on my favorite floor. It's soft and smells like family. It's right under the big whirly thing that makes a cool breeze. I love that thing!

It was the very goodest best day ever. Daddy says we can go swimming later and then we get to have our evening Walkies where I can say hi to my very bestest friends Mister Horses, Mister Goats and Mister Cows. Hurray!!!

Mommy and Daddy says that my birth and coming into their lives was one of the happiest days ever. Well of course! I'm a happy, lovable Labrador retriever. Who wouldn't love me?

I love my life and my family and I hope you all had a day as good as mine though there's no way because did I mention I got ice cream and it was the big boy cone this year?


Much love.


Monkeywrangler said...

Happy Birthday to you, Angus! You write very well for a labrador. I enjoyed reading about your special day.

Six said...

Thank you MonkeyWrangler. The big guy did the thing with the computer dealy but he only wrote what I told him to!!

Blue said...

Happy Birthday, Angus! :)

Brighid said...

Yea, your two with such great adventures ahead of you! That ice cream cone looked pretty darn good. Wee Willy caught three bunnies in the alfafa yesterday and was so excited he brought them right to me and dropped them on my feet. Then went an sat by the treat bucket...so I better not tell him about ice cream cones... Happy Birthday to You!

Six said...

Thanks Blue! I had a very good day. Daddy says not Army good because it wasn't raining. Daddy's kinda weird.

Thank you Brighid. Tell Wee Willy I'll share my ice cream with him if he'll share his bunnies with me!!

instinct said...

Happy Birthday, Angus!

Hopefully your dad didn't wear his tutu on your walk!

Six said...

Thank you Instinct. I have told him that I refuse to be seen


Paladin said...

Happy Birthday Angus!! Here's hoping this year is less eventful than the last. Ice cream is Gunny's favorite too... right behind whipped cream from the aerosol can :)

Six said...

Thank you Paladin. Tell Gunny I said Woof!!

OldAFSarge said...

Happy Belated Birthday Angus! Glad to see you had a great time.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!

Six said...

Thank you Sarge. It was a great day. Seriously!

Thanks Jennifer. Daddy says to let your handsome husband know that I am not permitted to use his holster as a chew toy. I don't think that's fair because it really smells like it'd really taste great!

Murphy's Law said...

Aw, belated happy birthday, furry buddy! How could I have missed this? It seems like just yesterday you were a little carsick ball of fur.

Six said...

That was a bad trip though it was great to meet the big guy and get my new life started ML. I throwed up like 4 or 5 times! But I'm a big boy now.