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15 April 2013

Breaking: Bombing At The Boston Marathon

Fox News is covering it live. Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon at about 1457 local. At least three dead and thirty injured so far. Those numbers are liable to go higher as the day goes on. It's anyone's guess who the bombers are but it's noteworthy that it's Patriot Day. I'm going to follow the news and update as information comes in.Prayers for all the victims.

Update: It's pretty clear looking at the footage that it was indeed explosive devices that were detonated. They didn't seem extremely large, more like big pipe bombs or satchel type charges as opposed to car bomb sized packages. Still, there is a lot of carnage so they were pretty significant. They're talking about finding ball bearings so the obvious intent was anti personnel. Terrorism is a given but those responsible have yet to be identified. I'm waiting for the shouts of Allahu Akbar from the usual suspects but then I am a hater.

Update: Mass General is reporting 10 patients with traumatic amputations. Bad. This is very bad. Dare I say it? We've been attacked. Again.

Update: Boston PD is saying 2 dead and 22 injured. DO and I talked and we agree that the explosion that was shown wasn't underground. It was an above ground blast not quite big enough to bring down a building which argues for them being anti personnel. Low to the ground and fairly low yield. I'm convinced, after watching the video, that these were deliberate bomb attacks. Domestic or foreign? Cue the Tea Party references in 5...4...3...2...1... (A brave anonymous poster was the first in comments. The ban hammer has been lowered. Blood dancing won't be tolerated here. If you want to hate go do it some place where leftist violence is celebrated. I suggest HuffPo, MSNBC or the New York Times.)

Update: Two more unexploded devices have been found which argues against suicide bombers. There's also a treasure trove of forensic evidence in such finds.

Update: There are reports of a suspect in custody at the hospital. Take that with a very large grain of salt.

Presser going on now with the Governor and Police Commissioner. There was a third explosion at the JFK Library. I think we can put away any idea that these explosions were the result of accidents or natural gas lines. They've pretty much called in the clans on this, including the Mass National Guard. No confirmation on casualties.  

I'm going to shut down my live blog of this incident. Lu and I send out our prayers to all those killed and injured in the horrific event. Stay safe everyone.


Monkeywrangler said...

Prayers for the injured and the families of the deceased.

BPD confirms a 3rd explosion at the JFK Library in Boston. Possibly related to a fire there...

Stay safe everyone, especially those in the Boston area and other high profile cities.

RabidAlien said...

Prayers said for those involved, and for the swift apprehension (and not-swift "questioning"....suffer long, ya bastards) of those responsible.

The only reason to place bombs at the finish line of a marathon would be for anti-personnel purposes. Those areas tend to be massively packed with people: runners, volunteers, booth operators, friends/family...they're almost as crowded and chaotic as BestBuy at 5am on Black Friday.

I hope those responsible suffer greatly for this. Sorry, but the former runner in me is seeing red right now.

Six said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I hope this incident isn't a precursor...

agirlandhergun said...


Six said...

It is AGirl. It's been reported that an 8 year old boy is among those who lost their lives. I cannot imagine.