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26 March 2013

Pit Fighting Muppets - A Musical Interlude

Heard this song the other day and really liked it. Lu researched it (she's such an angel) and unearthed this video. Words fail me. Judge for yourself.

I'd have paid money to see Kermit in the pit with Miss Piggy.



The DO said...

I love this song, though I had never seen the video. Crazy, er, stuff there! Rob and I have seen them in concert and the lead singer actually has the huge drum out on stage. Was a great concert. Radioactive is actually my favorite of their songs

RabidAlien said...

Never heard the group, this isn't my usual genre of music (more of a Bonjovi/Van Halen/GNR kinda guy), but gotta say, its catchy!

Old NFO said...

Interesting... :-)