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06 March 2013

Angus Update

Sorry I'm so late posting this. We've been busy as little beavers with drywall. It should be done today and if so I'll post some finished pictures later.

We took Angus to our Vet on Monday with the understanding from out Surgeon that the cast was coming off. Here's Angus Monday morning wearing cast number three.
If you look closely you'll see that the area of the soft cast around his wrist is wrinkled. That's where it has given as he's walked and allowed him to have a little more flexibility to put his paw on the ground better. I thought that was the whole point of the soft cast. To allow him to slowly have more movement in his wrist to prevent it from freezing and get him walking more normally. Apparently I was mistaken.

When we got to the Vet he informed us that the Surgeon had called him and told him to go ahead and put on yet another soft cast for another two weeks. Here's Angus wearing cast number four.

Everyone, especially Angus is unhappy. The skin over the tendon that runs down the front of his leg is inflamed a little and is obviously causing him some distress. I've been treating that area with Bag Balm. I was also informed that such wasn't a great idea and I should cease and desist. Yeah, not gonna happen. Rubbing that area with a salve gives him relief and does no harm that I can tell so I'm going to go right on treating his skin as I deem best.When they took off the old cast he was happy but when they started putting on the new one he suddenly decided he had somewhere better to be. It wasn't exactly a fight but he was one displeased dog.

Honestly neither Lu nor I can really see the benefit of this last cast. I know the docs are being careful but it seems excessive at this point. We understand the need to keep his activity limited and controlled and would do that regardless. The cast just seems to cause more discomfort than anything else. But we are nothing if not cooperative so if the doctors say two more weeks of a soft cast then two more weeks it will have to be. But I am going to treat his skin and any rashes he develops and if the doc doesn't like it he can kiss my fat ass.

We have an appointment with the Surgeon in Vegas on the 15th. He'll take another set of X-Rays and we hope will finally remove the cast completely. Angus is moving well. It's amazing how quickly they adapt. We're moving forward but the process is agonizingly slow.



Rev. Paul said...

I'd do exactly the same, sir. You go right ahead and do whatever you can to ease Angus' condition.

Murphy's Law said...

Aw, poor guy. Give him a cookie for me and pat him on the head. It'll be all right eventually.

Ruth said...

Instead of Bag Balm you might try Vitamin E oil. Its availible in the hand/nail care section of most pharmacies and grocery stores, and I found it does wonderful things for irritated skin and healing incisions on my own self. And better yet my doctor had no problem with it.

Paladin said...

Grrrr... nothing like having the finish line right there in front of you only to have it moved back a bit more. Ya'll hang in there. Being a little extra careful now won't hurt anything when you look back in a coupld of months.

Six said...

Thanks Rev. I appreciate the back up.

I will ML. I know you're right but man, we're ready to move on to the next phase.

Thanks for the tip Ruth. We have a Walgreen's just down the street. I'll zip in there tomorrow and get some. I appreciate the advice!

You're exactly right Paladin. We're trying to keep the expectations down for the next visit but I have to admit we're getting a little antsy to start rehab. Patience is one of my main weaknesses so I'm exercising all that I have.

Old NFO said...

Do what you gotta, YOU are on site every day with Angus... And concur, hope this is the LAST one!

OldAFSarge said...

What the Old NFO said. My youngest is an NFO, so they must know what they're talking about, right? ;-)

Best wishes for Angus and let him know he has a big cheering section out here in the blogosphere.

Brigid said...

You are taking great care of him. Poor little guy, he's such a trooper. When Barkley's had some skin irritation from the "cone of shame" I rubbed a little coconut oil on the inflamed area. It soothed it very well and if he managed to lick any of it it is all natural and won't harm him.

Apple Cider Vinegar applied with a cotton ball every few hours helps as well.

Whatever works for the little guy.

Six said...

Thank NFO. We've told him in no uncertain terms. No more surgeries!

Thanks Sarge. Don't let him know that, he has a large enough head as it is!

Thanks Brigid. Coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. I'm going to give them a try. Ruth suggested Vitamin E oil as well so I think we'll stop in and get some of each. Hey, only the best for Angus. Thanks for the tip!

JihadGene said...

Hope Angus is doing better!

Six said...

Thanks Gene. We'll know for sure next Friday.