'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

18 March 2013

2013 Resolutions

I don't get the whole New Year's resolutions thing but I do have great respect for making plans and trying to accomplish certain goals. Stretching your limits, especially at my age, is important. Maybe more so now than at any other point in my life. I'm nearing my mid 50s so the time left for trying new things and acquiring new physical skills before I just get too old and broke down is rapidly dwindling. I am not going down without a fight. I'll go but by golly I'm going kicking and screaming.

In the vein of all the above nonsense I do have some things I'd really like to accomplish in the coming year as well as some purchases and reviews in the works. Here's the list.

Finish the master bedroom and second bathroom. The kids room is nearing completion and there is no way I'm getting up on that blast furnace of a  roof to replace the shingles in the heat of Summer so the master bedroom/bathroom may be the next large project. One bathroom is OK when it's just me and Lu but when we have company, like the grandkids for example, a second bathroom is a near necessity. Besides, I promised Lu. Look for more how to posts. As if you're all not already sick of them.

Angus' rehab has started in earnest. At first I had decided that field trial and hunting training was out of the question but now I'm not so sure. The best I can come up with is we'll just have to wait and see. The Surgeon said he'd be personally offended if Angus wasn't back to full speed after the surgery but it's not his decision to make. My goal for the year is to get him back as close to one hundred percent as possible and then decide where we go from there. If I choose to stop his training that's Ok. He's still a wonderful companion. I'll have more posts up on his rehab and our decision.

Improve my rifle shooting and reacquire as many of my now rusty pistol skills as I can. I've been following Rifleslinger over at Art Of The Rifle for a bit now and he's really got me revved up. If you're a rifle shooter and not reading Rifleslinger please allow me to recommend his blog in the strongest terms. He's smart, determined, knowledgeable and logical in his approach to long distance precision shooting. Definitely worth the investment of your time. A couple of years ago Michael at Michael's Custom Holsters made me a beautiful rig for IDPA shooting. Unfortunately a long string of catastrophes and major projects has precluded any serious pistol shooting much less competition. I'm going to change that this year. With Lu getting her concealed carry permit it's time for us both to get back to shooting regularly. I will compete this year.

Acquire some new stuff. Whoa, that's a surprise right there huh. Six buying new fun stuff. With help from Rifleslinger I'm putting together my M1A. Finally. I have the scope, mount and accessories and just ordered a new loop sling from him. Instinct from Rimfire Designs is making me new grips for my retirement Sig P226 that are going to be awesome. Look for a review on both in the near future.

I want to add two bolts to the armory. One will be in either .308 or 300 Win Mag though I've even toyed with one of the big 33s. The other is up in the air for the moment. It'll be for Lu and I am seriously considering .223. It won't be a hunting gun it'll be strictly for long range shooting. Out to say 600 yards or so. Set up properly a good .223 bolt with the proper loads and accessories is very capable and I want it to be fun for her to shoot. Hopefully without sounding like a flincher or a recoil sensitive wuss I have admit that a long day at the range firing the Ruger 300 Win Mag a couple of dozen times can be a bit of a trial.

A kids rifle in .22 LR. This one is a no brainer. I badly want to introduce the kids to the shooting sports. 

Lu and I are upgrading the kids bicycles to something a little better equipped. We recently found a Diamondback Octane 20 used at the local Deseret Industries (think Mormon Goodwill) for 35 bucks. We bought it and I'll be stripping it down for maintenance/fixing and repainting. We're shopping for another. I'm also looking for a small kids motorcycle or minibike. Hey, I started young and see no reason they shouldn't have the same experiences. Luckily DO agrees. Besides it's a great motivator. Want to go riding tomorrow? Great, I think the poop bucket needs to be emptied and yard picked up. Heh heh.

I want to start writing again. Did you know I've actually written two novel length stories and a bunch of shorts? Well I have even if they're awful. And they are. Still, I love to write and I need to do more of it. Call it therapy. It's just for me though Lu and DO both read all my stuff. Hey a readership of two is still a fan base :)

The 2013 Long Ride with Car Guy is in the planning stages. It has to be before the kids get here in June so we're looking at either April or May. Since he's just started a total kitchen remodel we'll have to schedule it for when we both have a break. He's left the route up to me and I'm thinking about a trip north. Maybe Puget Sound? We'll see. The BMW is running like a top and Car Guy has a couple of new toys he wants to try out the legs on. At least we'll both have bigger gas tanks so running out in the middle of nowhere will be a somewhat lesser hazard than last year.

I've been neglecting my personal fitness. With projects winding down that has to change. The only way to get fit and stay fit is to prioritize my regime and I'm determined to do that. I've been using issues and projects as excuses and that has to stop. The gym is back together and I want to add a universal machine to the mix. I got rid of the squat rack after last years knee injury so I have room now. The bicycles are calling out to me even now and the weather is perfect. I need to go for a ride! My goal is to get back to fighting trim and back to at least the occasional 25 plus mile rides. I'd also like to get back down to the low 220s weight wise. I'm probably 240 or so right now so that means about 20 pounds of pure lard I need to lose. Oof.

I'm being as positive about the new year as I can be. There are some things I can influence, mostly those personal and family related, but there are many more that are out of my hands. I refuse to become a worry wart about them. I'll prepare and do what I can and leave the rest in God's hands where they properly should be anyway. I'm looking forward to an interesting, challenging and fun 2013. My daughter and grandkids will be here in June for a nice long visit and we have a bunch of plans for fun stuff to see and do. We're even going to take them to Lagoon in Salt Lake City. It's a small amusement park where Lu and I spent our honeymoon so very long ago. It'll be fun to take them. How could we not be looking forward to that?

See you all down the road my friends.



instinct said...

Funny, you're close to 50 and have retired. I'm closing in on 50 and getting ready to try and start a career.

Life moves in strange ways I guess.

Six said...

It really is a strange world Instinct though if I'm honest about it I really envy you. Sometimes I really start feeling useless.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a plan, and the weight loss IS a big piece of it! I'd get either a new Winchester or Remington 700 for Lu! And a 10-22 for the grandkids!

instinct said...

Hey, you could come out here, Albuquerque is looking for some good cops :D

So far, I've dropped from 240 to 225 so far - Insanity workout in the morning and weights in the evening - I hate the Insanity one, it tries to kill me every time.

Six said...

Both those are definitely on my list NFO. I'm leaning toward the 700. The local shop actually has one in .223 in stock.

Nice Instinct. That's exactly where I need to go with my weight. I need to follow your example!