'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

27 February 2012

I Need A Hug

I put something heavy down on my workbench, inadvertently sitting it on a full tube of sizing lube. All over my wooden bench.

An entire tube. It's everywhere. Dies, powder scale, boxes. Everywhere except, you know, on those actual cases I had ready for...resizing. Sigh.

I may cry.



Sarge said...

If it wasn't so late I'd come over and give you that hug.

Anything I can do to help????

Mrs. S. said...


At least it isn't on the floor. That could get a bit treacherous.

Well the workbench will probably be waterproof now and forever more.

Murphy's Law said...

LOLOLOL! My specialty is knocking over that big can of spent primers that I never get around to throwing away. I never thought about the case lube before.
I'll send Murphy right over for that hug thing, though.

Peter said...

Get yourself a can of Imperial Sizing Wax, it works better and if you happen to sit anything on it, no major damage. Even if you sat a box of five hundred Remington round nosed lead 250 grain bullets on it it would just wipe up. Consider this an educational event.

A large can of lighter fluid and that old underwear your wife has been nagging you to get rid of will clean up the mess. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

Keads said...

That sucks out loud!

Six said...

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the love!

Thanks anyway Sarge. I (eventually) got it cleaned up. Next time I'm calling though.

I like that Mrs. S. There's always a bright side!

I loves me some doggie Hugs. Thanks Murphy.

I swear I've been meaning to switch from a lube to a wax Peter but, you know...I'm a strictly observant procrastinator. Western Sect. I ended up using half a can of Bore Scrubber. Pricey but by that time I was out of patience.

Exactly what Lu said Keads. Just before she went back upstairs, chuckling the whole way!

innominatus said...

I thought I had committed every last crazy "oops!" thing possible, but I think you've found a new one. Bummer.

Six said...

Hey, I'm just here as the comic relief Inno!!