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20 February 2012

Crossroads Of The West Gun Show Report

Lu and I went to the Crossroads of the West gun show in St. George on Sunday. I make sure to note the day because I really hope it was better on Saturday. I kinda doubt it but one can always hope.

It was held at the Dixie Center which is the usual venue for such in our area. It's actually a nice facility holding such displays as the Quilting Show that we also went to last Fall. Frankly, I had a better time at the Quilting fest.

The Mad Ogre recently had some things to say about some of the shows he's been to lately that were put on by the same folks. I'll echo some of his thoughts here.

First was a dearth of booths selling actual, you know, guns and guns type things. I didn't count but I estimate there were no more than a dozen or so actual firearms tables. There were as many or more selling food, jewelry and knives. I don't really mind but I paid to see a gun show. I can choose whether or not to pay my money to see the knife show or the survival food show or the jewelry show. I paid my 16 bucks to see guns and those things that are directly related. My advice to the organizers; If you're gonna have all that other stuff in there you owe it to the paying public to market it as such. Calling it a gun show, as if that was going to be the main display, is misleading.

The few guns we did see were, in the main, badly over priced, ordinary or crap. As an example I saw a very used Airweight selling for over 400 bucks that I just bought new for $369 plus taxes and fees, the same taxes and fees I'd have had to pay to that seller. I saw a lot of junk plus the usual milsurp crap that seems to show up at all these events. All of it priced way more than it was worth. If I want BDUs and Alice packs I can find it a lot cheaper on the internet and I won't have to put up with some grouchy a-hole.

That's another complaint. Every seller seemed to be pissed they had to deal with actual potential customers. I got the distinct feeling they thought they were doing us all a favor by displaying their fine collection of rust and ordinary as if it was the crown jewels and we should be grateful for a glimpse and the chance to plunk down hard earned currency on no more than their say so. At one table I saw some boxes that I assume contained actual firearms. I say assume because they weren't displayed just tagged. I heard the propreitor say the following to an attendee who was perusing his wares and I swear I am not making this up;
"If you got a thousand bucks in your pocket I'll let you see it."
He was not kidding. When he saw what must have been the incredulous look on my face he scowled and shot me the Stink Eye Supreme. We moved on but on the very unlikely chance that he ever reads these words I have this message. I have a thousand bucks pal. In fact I have a lot more than that. If the tag on that particular firearm was accurate I was indeed interested and had the werewithal to make a purchase if I should have been so motivated. By acting the way you did I wouldn't have given you a cent for anything you had or will ever have should you live to be a million. A little salesmanship may be in order should you decide you want to, you know, maybe sell some of those guns you took the time to bring with you. I noticed you had quite a large stock still by the time I wandered by at 11:30 on the last day of the show. Just saying.

There was one, count 'em one, table selling bulk ammo and they were pretty much sold out by Sunday. I didn't think there'd be heaps of cheap ammunition left just looking for a new home but one table?

The Tactical Ninja crowd were represented by RIP Tactical. Honestly, I have no idea of how good or poor their products are but the representatives were wearing their t-shirt. You can see it if you go to the link and scroll down but let me save you the trouble. It has a red coffin inscribed with R.I.P. superimposed over a skull with crossed bone and sword. Under that it says "See you in Hell." That's pretty classy right there.

All in all Lu and I both were badly disappointed. Limited stock, too many non gunny vendors and downright rude sellers. The crowd was a bit thin and we were there before noon so I doubt things got any better after we left. That's a clue for the promoters. Maybe things were rocking on Saturday and we just missed out on all the coolness but somehow I kinda doubt it.

A wasted day and wasted 16 dollars. We will not be going back to this or to any other Crossroads of the West gunshows.



Sarge said...

I checked out the RIP Tactical home page not much there. I wasn't that impressed with the T-Shirt either. Thanks for the post and saving me the 16 bucks.

Six said...

It was bad sarge. Bad. I have a better selection in the man cave.