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03 February 2012

Update on the Girl. With x-rays!

The girls arm when we got the the hospital:
You can see the full break on the one and the bending on the other.  Brave girl
 All set!
Pink cast is all set, and she's getting use to it.  
I'm beyond proud of my little girl.  She did so well, and she's taking it all in good stride!!

~The DO


instinct said...

Awesome news, breaks are no fun at all (says the guy who shattered his right wrist).

Soon enough she'll be right as rain.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Ouch... I think that cast needs some stickers... hope she heals quick...

Dann in Ohio

Brigid said...

Brave girl indeed. That's a painful break. Glad you were there to care for her and get her to the doc (even if she did miss her ballet lesson).

Six said...

Thanks Instinct. Always good to hear that from one who has been there!

We tried Dann but she's very particular about some things. She thinks the cast is so pretty she won't let anyone put a thing on it.

I was too Brigid. I think my heart would have broken if I hadn't been able to scoop her up in my arms and just hold her. The DO was a rock. Good genes :)

Kanani said...

What a break! Glad you got her to the hospital, and everything is going to be okay.
If if gets itchy, give her a blow dryer, and have her aim it down the cast on "cool." Often just the movement of air is enough to quell the itching!

The DO said...

Well, I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and your comments. I've been to the ER with a kid before, but nothing like this!! We appreciate all the good thoughts!

And Kanani, thanks for the advice, she's already gotten itchy a few times and so I'm ready to help her any way I can.