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23 April 2011

A Liar Is A Liar Is A Liar

I came across this blurb whilst surfing the interwebs. It tells the tale of Rafael Mora-Lopez, a police officer in Alaska. Apparently he was a good and well respected lawman. The only problem is he's here illegally.

Lopez stole the identity of Rafael Espinoza, a U.S. citizen. Frankly, it doesn't speak well of the law enforcement profession that he passed the background check to get the job in the first place. Part of that process is a federal fingerprint check. You know, so someone who is say, a criminal, can't get such a job. It's kinda a big deal.

His chief, the US Attorney for Alaska and others praise him for his good work. Of course, the local defense attorneys are going to be inundating the local court system seeking the overturning of pretty much every criminal prosecution and arrest he's ever made. And that's as it should be.

One of the crash landing offenses for any law enforcement officer is, indeed must be, integrity. If you lie you die in the parlance of the job. An officer must be honest above all other things. It is as basic as breathing. If one will lie about one thing he'll lie about any thing. It cannot be tolerated.

This is part and parcel what is wrong with the idea of allowing, sheltering and supporting those who are here illegally. Obfuscation and dishonesty are a disease of the soul. Once down that path it is nearly impossible to get off, especially when the culprit refuses to come clean, admit what they've done and make amends.

I love this quote;
There are no immediate plans to file state charges, said John Skidmore, a state attorney. He and other officials stressed that the case was still under investigation. "At this time, we have no reason to believe, from what we know so far, that this gentleman or this officer's good work for APD has in any way been compromised or questioned," Skidmore said.

Nonsense. The very fact that he was working while here illegally definitely compromises the work he did. Without question. Lopez should be charged and prosecuted the the extent the law allows and when his sentence is done shipped back to the country he is a citizen of. Every case he investigated and was responsible for must be reviewed and those cases where another officer's testimony is insufficient for conviction must be overturned and the accused turned free. No matter how disgusting or unfair that seems to be. Lopez cannot be trusted. His word is worthless.

Another black eye for my profession and my honest brothers and sisters who work so hard to do things the way they're supposed to be done. I have absolutely no sympathy for mister Lopez. He deserves exactly the same consideration he's shown for the laws of this country. None. A dishonorable man who has earned his infamy.


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Sarge said...

absolutely right on Six. We once had an officer that stole some 5 gallon bottles of water. When asked if he had taken them he said no. Then when they showed him videos of him loading them in his patrol car and again ask if he had taken them he said no, they fired him. If he had said yes the first time he probably would have gotten a few unpaid days, but that was not the case and 17 years went down the tubes. I don't understand why some people find it so hard to just tell the truth. We will never know what other things he might have lied about but the stigma will always be there.
I agree with you Lopez should be punished at the full extent of the law. A dark spot on us all, but we will continue to ferret out the nefarious activities of all.