'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

26 April 2011


Lu talked me into running a 5K with her this year so on Saturday I take the plunge. It's the Hurricane 5K and Half Marathon. Since I haven't gone completely insane we're going to pass on the 13 miler this time. Lu wants to do one down the road. I told he I'd be her enthusiastic cheer leader though I'm not sure the skirt will fit. The pom poms are actually kinda fun.

Anyway. Since I'm in training for the NowhereMan Triathlon this fits into my training schedule nicely. It's awfully early though. I think we have to be at the start line at like 6:00 AM.

Lu normally runs a 5K in about 38 minutes. If I can break 50 I'll be happy. And if I can't I'll still be Ok. A runner I am most definitely not.

Pics on Monday. If I survive.



innominatus said...

My wife is running a 5K next month. She wants me to run with her. I'll wait 'til Monday to see how you do and then I'll decide if I'm up for it. :)

Murphy's Law said...

Good runnings to both of you. If I ever get this leg working right again, I'll join you for one.

I ain't slowing down to no 50 min. though. ;-)

Six said...

I'll post the whole messy recap Inno. I'm guessing it won't be pretty. Still, I recommend the attempt. Lu and I have had a ball training together.

You are the man ML. I'd love to run one with you. I'm going to do my best but so far 48 minutes on the treadmill is my PR. That's a far cry from what I know both Lu and you can do. She's taking pity on me so we're running the entire course together.