'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

09 April 2011

Koran Burning And Hostages

There's been a lot of talk out there about the Terry Jones Koran burning, from all sides. Some cheer the action while others condemn it. The Jihadis have issued another Fatwa and put a price on his head. The truth is that the price on his head is really a price on all of ours.

I think Terry Jones is an attention whore who is doing nothing more than attempting to add to his flock and thereby increase the money rolling in. But the larger point seems to be lost. We're being held hostage as surely as if we were children in an elementary school in Breslan.

Think of this Koran burning and innocent killing as a hostage situation. Who are the hostages? We are, each and every one of us who refuse to submit the the dictates of Islamic law and the thugs enforcing it.

When a group of people, any group, can impose their will on the unwilling at the point of a sword then we're only awaiting the next set of demands. Where does it stop? What will satisfy this bunch of hostage takers? Money? Obedience to Koranic law? Death? What?

It's working, with the aid and comfort of a media and liberal class so entrenched in America and Christianity hating that they are blind to the idea that they're next on the menu. From politicians to pundits, the cry is to avoid offending the Muslims lest we or other innocents be killed. Well, hostage takers aren't always, or even usually, reasonable or sane. They're drunk on the power they wield over the helpless and the civilized and they won't give up that power unless forced to.

In this country we do negotiate with hostage takers. Right up to the point that it's apparent and obvious that negotiations have broken down, innocents have been killed and more are in imminent danger. Then we break down the doors, send in the knuckle draggers and kill every one of the scum that crosses our gun sights. I submit that this is exactly the point of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We kicked in their doors and sent in the trigger pullers because that was all we had left to do. Every other course of action was pointless unless we decided to give them everything they demanded. Remember that old saw about Dane geld? Loss of life is inevitable, however much we hate it and decry the loss. It was never our intention that the innocent should be killed but we didn't call this tune. We're dancing to the song of insanity being sung by the murderous.

Now we're involved in hand wringing because the bad guys are doing exactly what all of us knew they'd do all along. The only answer besides active and violent self defense is submission. Total, complete, absolute submission to religious tyrants and scum. If not that then answering them by bold and certain action is the only other way. Killing over a religious slight is just an excuse, not a reason and the Muslims that engage in such barbaric behavior don't really need a specific excuse. Any random cause will suffice and if we don't provide it they'll invent it all on their own. Because they love death more than life.

The solution to this hostage situation is no different that if they were holed up in a bank. The negotiations have broken down. Innocents have been killed and more are in imminent danger. It's past time for talking and pleading for reasonableness and mercy from those who have neither. It's time to show the killers that we refuse to submit to blackmail and intimidation. That if they continue their murderous ways then all bets are off and we go for broke. It's the only answer to such criminals and that is exactly what such people are.

Will I burn a Koran? I don't know. Perhaps it's needed. Maybe every American should burn one to prove, once and for all, that we cannot be bought, we cannot be intimidated, we refuse to submit. I do know that giving in to their demands is never the answer in hostage taking. Making the cost of such an attempt so prohibitive, so ghastly, so destructive to their aims as to discourage any others from even contemplating such an action is the only way.

I will not be a hostage. Not to the Muslims, the politicians or their media lackeys. I will decide for myself, based on my own morals and beliefs, what course of action I will pursue. No amount of threats or criminal behavior will dissuade me. And if any of those who would enslave me or use me as a bargaining chip in their push for world domination should try and make good their threats on myself or those I love I will fight to my last bullet and my last breath.

That's the only answer they will ever understand.



NE said...

The bank analogy doesn't work in this case. Islamic extremists do not want us to stop burning Korans, they want the unattainable - for us to become Islamic extremists. We aren't hostages, we are a rival product. This is a PR war, and we need to start marketing it as such. Emphasize the fact that we can freely burn a Koran, instead of whether we should or should not and then connect that to the lack of free elections in the Middle East. We will always have terrorists but if we destroy their image we cripple their funding and popular support.

KurtP said...

Or we could look at it like this: if one Koran = a riot with 14 possible jihadis getting killed X about 270 million Americans burning a Koran...would make a good dent in the muji pool, wouldn't it?

Or they'd get tired of rioting whenever they heard about a Koran being burned...

Rourke said...

I'd rather burn a terrorist.

Good post.